April 2016 Author News

I’ve finally returned to work! Yippee!

For those not aware, I took a much-needed break away from writing around February 1st and only returned to work last week. As part of my break away from work, I took the time to getting some things straight in my mind on what direction I want to take my writing and book cover design in 2016, what I want need to do with my business and websites to reflect these changes, and how I want to handle my new pen name.

My April’s newsletter was supposed to come out Monday to let you all know what to expect, however, it never made it because some asshole decided that hacking my website would be loads of fun.

So Monday, just to be safe, I deleted the whole damn website and moved it back to wordpress.com. Tuesday and Wednesday have been spend redoing all the changes that took me a week to make. This whole mess has helped me make a decision to forget self-hosting my website and working on Series guides.

Sadly, this means I lost everything I changed on the website for the last week. You’d think with my luck that I would learn to make nightly backups of my website rather than one just before I change everything so that this doesn’t happen. *smack palm to forehead* But, no.

Anyhoo, what’s done is done and forward we go…

~ introducing anne ~

I’m sure my five fans and three stalkers are wondering why I’m using two names. Well, around the first of 2016 I decided it was time to publish the other stories clawing around my brain and since I have hundreds of story nuggets on my hard drive that just don’t fit the brand I created for Stephannie Beman, the pen name Anne Johanson was born to fill the need.

Now I know that I don’t need to have another name and it will probably drive me crazy at some point to publish under both. However, I’m doing this because…

Anne’s work is darker, grittier and even if romance and sex shows up in a few of them, they aren’t romances. While Stephannie’s work is warmer and fuzzy, with happily-ever-afters. Anne will be for my Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi while Stephannie will be for my fantasy and romance.

Which brings me to what I’m going to do about two author names and two websites…

~ 2 author names, 1 websites, 1 blog ~

Yes, you read that right. There will be two author names, but only one website and one blog.

After a little tweaking to merge the websites into one, I decided the better option was to just get rid of the pen name one and keep this one. I’ve never liked the idea of jumping from place to place. It’s rather time-consuming and it’s time I’d rather use for writing.

~ what i’m working on in 2016 ~

I have big plans for 2016 but I can’t promise that I’ll accomplish everything. Why? Because the future is unsteady right now and I’m not sure what changes it will bring. Also I hate telling you all that I’ll do something and then watch it all fall apart because I didn’t plan for the unseen events that popped up to trip me.

What I will share is my plans for the book series I have out, the decisions I’ve made in regard to them, and what I’ll be working on or what I’ll be placing on hold for a time. So here are my plans for the rest of the year…

The Queen’s Rebellion Series by Stephannie Beman

I really want to finish this series in 2016 and I have a good chance at doing this if nothing drastic happens to ruin it. My goal is write at least 2,000 words a day and have the last two books done in the next two months. If I can do that, I can revise the entire series together, have them professionally edited, and ready to publish before the end of the year. I wish it could have been sooner, but I’ve got to accept that there is far too much going on in my life.


The 1st draft of The Scout’s Captive is written and waiting for me to revise it.


I’m at the midpoint of writing The Rebel’s Bride.


I have The Warrior’s Lady planned and will start it next.

Hell’s Gate Series by Anne Johanson

These started out as short stories in the Escaping Hell Series and the first two were put out in January and April 2015. They were later placed on hold until my co-author and I both finish are current book obligations. However, Inna Don and I have decided that since we both liked the idea behind the Series and don’t have time to work on them together, we should take the ideas and write our own stories.

I’m in the process of reworking the ideas to fit into a book series that I’ve wanted to write for years. Escaping Hell is a prelude book to the Hell’s Gate Series.


I’m 40,000 words into the book but it needs a heavy editing job before I continue.

Wild Hearts Series by Ruth Ann Nordin and Stephannie Beman

Ruth decided that she is no longer interested in finishing the series and has handed it over to me. I’m going to wait to finish this series until I can write them all together. I will be finishing The Rancher’s Wife (Abby and Thayne’s story) and writing The Outlaw’s Woman (Wade and Viola’s story).


About half-way through the writing of The Rancher’s Wife.

Children of Khaos Series

The writing of these books are on hold and it may be awhile before I’m able to work on Poseidon’s Bride or Beloved Kora. The reason is both books are in the planning stages and until I know where they are going I don’t want to start working on them.

Also I’m working on the redesign and editing of My Lord Hades, Loving the Goddess of Love, An Angel in Tartarus, and Love is Blind. For a few years now I’ve been wanting to clean up the text, trim some scenes, expanding other scenes, and have them reedited by a different editor that is far better at her job. The basic stories aren’t changing even if all the covers are being updated and some of the titles may change to better reflect the series.

The Sharli Series & The Shaa’Madr Series

I’ve placed both Series aside until I can decide where I want to go with the series. I have far too many ideas and not enough time.

 ~ book cover design services ~

This side of my business has been on the downward swing since hubby and I started taking care of his grandma at the beginning of 2015. I’m not all that sad about it, even if the biggest portion of the income I’ve made in the last two years came from book cover design. It’s taken away too much time from the things that matter most to me, including my family and my writing.

As of May 2016, I will no longer be offering Book Cover Design Services. For the rest of April, I’m working on the covers I already have in my design queue and then I’m done.

Wishing you all the best,

Stephannie and Annes Signature