I’m Returning to Writing Next Week

As I blogged about earlier I needed to take a break. It was a far longer break then I intended, but it was much-needed and deserved. Luckily, I’m self-employed and can take the time I needed to relax, take in the events of this last year, look after my health, and spend some extra time with my family. It was also nice to recharge my creative batteries by watching TV and Movies, work on some craft projects I’ve been neglecting, exercise more, and make a big dent in my reading pile. Yay me!

With the reemergence of my need to write, I know this break is coming to an end, so this week I’m gearing up to return to writing. Through the years I’ve found that the longer the break, the harder it is to come back from, but eventually the need to tell the story clawing around my brain forces me to write. I figured this week would be the best time to ease myself into it as the kids home for Spring Break and calving has started on the Ranch. This gives me small chunks of time to focus and enough breaks during the day to appease my need to move. I found this way made it far easier to meet my word count goals, and it’s less stressful than jumping right in and expecting unrealistic results. Thanks Ruth for suggesting this to me over the years. 😀

I should be resuming posting about my day and the excerpts from my current story next week and I’m looking forward to it. 😀

Wishing you all the best.


One thought on “I’m Returning to Writing Next Week

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