{Writing Journal} Day 36: Writing The Rebel’s Bride

While I’m not back from my break, I really felt the urge to write this morning. Maybe it was because I was up at 2am with hubby. Or maybe I was missing my story a little. Either way, I ended up with 1,857 and a great feeling of accomplishment.

Total Word Count for Today: 1,857


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version. I’d post more but the scenes I worked on have too many spoilers.

But it was the natural weapons of the Nyfeli that were his most stark difference. The black tipped spines lay flat against his forearms and back, prominent reminders of what he really was. Cynel was one of the Nyfeli, a race that was the bane and fear of nations, and for good reason. They were fierce protectors of their clans, ruthless warriors in battle, and wielders of magic. They were ruthless and powerful predators of their world, considered feral animals by most. Cynel was no exception.

And yet, Mina had done the impossible. She’d done what Kiptal had failed to do. She’d gained Cynel’s trust, and he’d shared with her the truth of who he was. It hardened Kiptal resolve further. He would do everything in his power to keep them safe from the storm moving their way.