Taking a Break

After a long debate with myself, I’ve decided to take a break from writing, and business in general. The cool thing about working from home, I can do this without too much problems. The bad side is that I’m kinda feeling guilty about doing it since it feels like I’ve already taken a long break. However, I know that if I don’t take this time now to recharge my creative batteries and look after my health, it’s going to be worse later.

The last few weeks I’ve found that my motivation to write isn’t there. and trying to force the words is making it even harder to finish the story. From experience, I know that this is one of the signs of burn out, and that if I don’t deal with it now it will take far longer to fix later. So I’m going to do what my body and head are suggesting and taking the time I need now. Hopefully, that won’t be long and I’ll be back to work soon.

5 thoughts on “Taking a Break

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