Sorry for the Inconvenience…I’m making Changes…Again

Warning: This post sounds really bad in writing instead of talking because there is no voice or facial expression to tell you when I’m being funny. So I’m Vlogging it. I think that’s the word? Vlogging? YouTubing?

Anyhoo, whatever it’s called, I’m recording it so that you can hear my awful voice and see my goofy expressions. It really makes for a funny video. For those who read the transcription below. You were warned.

Since the moment that I realized that I wanted to branch out and write under a pen name, I’ve been debating how to manage the blogging on both websites. There was that miserable fail at this in 2013…and 2014…and 2016.

Much of what I say could be posted on either blog. So there is always this debate of should I post it on the one with more subscribers or less, which one did I post on last, if I post it on the one with less subscribers (read only me) will anyone see it?

I think I was on the right track in 2016 when I created a website for my pen name and my author blog for all my writing names.

Now I know it sounds like it would be more work and I’m sure there are those thinking “Why the Hell would you do that to yourself?” Well, you see I’m a masochist.

No, not really.

I tried it because I needed the division between blogging for myself and for writers and blogging to entertain and help readers of my books. I also believe it would be easier for everyone, including myself because :

  1. everyone who liked to read my strange musings or hear about my latest writing debacle could subscribe to my author(s) blog where I can talk about writing (Basically about me and my life).
  2. everyone who only wanted an update on my writing projects, learn all the interesting facts about the books, or learn the newest release could stop by one of my author’s website (All about the Books.).

See? Easier. And less inbox flooding for those who only want book related posts instead of musings on writing, life, books, and everything in-between.

The only draw back is that when I did this before, very few people subscribed to the author blog and I had this weird flashback that I was once more the new girl in school and only one person liked me. There was this panic attack followed by my stomach sinking into my feet…

You know, it’s the same feeling I have when I hit publish on a book and then hold my breath until there is a sale or I pass out. Usually, I black out because come on, I’m not that popular. 🙂

Anyhoo, I’ve come to accept my fate as a writer and do my best to work toward a new writing dream. I might never have a large following on any of my blogs and I’m okay with that. 😀

Now if you missed it, Anne Johanson is my pen name for Urban Fantasy and possible Post-Apocalyptic writing and Just Writing Stories is my author blog for Stephannie Beman, Anne Johanson, and any other pen name I decide to use one day.