{Writing Journal} Day 35: Writings from The Rebel’s Bride

This whole week has been kinda a pain in the arse and which I’m not going into details about other than to say I didn’t get much writing done. Monday ended up being a long day of cleaning and hanging out with my adorable hubby. He had the day off and we decided to catch up on some stuff around the house and in our personal lives. After that, the kids were home and I spent time with them. I did get onto the computer to write around 8pm that night, and even then it was really too late for me to do much more than clean up the ending of two scenes I left the last time I wrote. The Internet was being a bit of a pain with all the wind so I didn’t post. Regardless my word count that day ended up being 1,100.

The next few days were even worst with a hundred words here and there, which I find very frustrating. Since writing before hubby and the kids leave for the day is far too hard for me to accomplish and we have to feed cows around mid-morning, I’ve kinda given up trying to write before 10am. I found that I really need a solid two to three hour block per session to get into the flow. I’ve tried breaking up my day into smaller writing sessions with breaks, but found that if I stop, I’ll find something more pressing to do and never return to it. I really respect authors who can write in spurts. Sadly, I’m not very good at it.

Total Word Count for the Week: 1,637


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

Less then an hour back at the camp and he was being followed. At first it was little more than an annoyance, but the tail was moving closer and he’d be damned before he allowed anyone to stab him in the back. His hand dropped to the hilt of his dagger, drawing it ever so slowly.

He tensed a moment before he heard her voice, “Wondered how long it would take you to realize you were being followed. Where are you headed, Kiptal?”

Sheathing his dagger, he turned toward the only other woman he’d loved since the day his beloved wife and precious daughter had been slaughtered. “Going to visit my favorite Breeder.”

She snorted. “Don’t lie to me. We both know you don’t use those women sent to you.”

He arched a brow. “And how do you know that?” he asked, trying to sound affronted by her accusation when he couldn’t be further from that. “Are you spying on me, Tallyn?”

She shook her head. “I don’t need to. The children born to your Breeder don’t carry your genetic code.” She glanced toward the Cynel’s tent. “Where’s my daughter and her protector?”

“Well she was in her tent. But then no one has really seen her since Cynel left without a word. Maybe you should go check on her.”

Tallyn dark eyes sharpened. “We both know that she’s not there. What have you done with her?”

“Maybe I decided to take all of your unhelpful advice and marry her myself, despite that fact that she’s already married to my friend.”

“What game are playing, Kiptal?

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  1. It’s a lot easier to write when you have a nice couple hours of uninterrupted time to do it. I got out of the practice of writing in spurts because the kids are now in school, so I try to write when they’re not here. The past week has been frustrated for me as well. My word counts have been unimpressive except for the one evening I spent at B&N while the kids were at a Wednesday group. It’s hard to get into the flow. 😦

    Nice snippet. 🙂


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