Working on an Urban Fantasy Novel: Escaping Hell

I once read a suggestion that if a writer wanted to improve their writing, they should write short stories. Something about the shorter format creating less flabby writing and that it allows a writer to test their series before they put more time into it. Around the first months of 2015, I tried it out by publishing two short stories.

The plan was to create a 7 part short story serial, only I later abandoned it because it wasn’t working for me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not much of a short story writer. I’m more of a novelist. I like long, complex stories with character arcs and subplots.

So I decided to take all the stories and compile them into novel instead. There is going to be some changes, but the basic story will remain the same. The Gatekeepers between the dimensions are trapped in Hell and being forced to open the Gate between Hell and Earth. They have to figure out how to stop it before Earth becomes a battleground between demons and humans.

Escaping Hell, Hell's Gate Series, author Anne Johanson, urban fantasy

Escaping Hell is the 1st book in Hell’s Gate Series. It’s in the planning stages but since it’s more than half-done, I don’t expect it to be long before the first draft is done. However, as a treat for the few readers I have here, I’ve decided to do the same thing here that I’m doing under my other author name. Every day I write, I’ll be posting my word count of that day and an excerpt from the book. Looking forward to see what people think about what they read.