{Writing Journal} Day 31: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

Well, I’m done writing for the day. I didn’t get the chance to write until nearly 7pm because hubby is here in the mornings and there are more than a few chores that have to be done before he leaves for work. Then I had a friend drop in for a visit this afternoon. After that it was cooking dinner before the kids got home, and then spending time with them before bed.

Even thought I’m tired, I refused to head to bed until I wrote something. Now I’m not to happy with the scene I worked on tonight. Since I’m a linear writer there is no skipping the scene because I’m not in the mood to write a fight scene , so this one ended up written more like a screenplay then an novel. I’ll probably have to rewrite it later, but for the moment I’ll be heading to the next scene.

Total Word Count for Today: 881


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

His vision blackened and he scrambled away, jerking the knife from his chest. Hot blood gushed down his chest. He had to stanch the flow quick or he’d be dead before the man had the chance to strike a second blow. “Why?” he asked, not really expecting an answer from the uncommunicative men, but trying to buy himself time.

“You Nyfeli always think you’re so strong and smart. You couldn’t even see the trap you so willingly walked into.”

Cynel gathered the last of his wanning strength, watching the assassin stalk closer. “Who sent you?”

“You won’t care where you are going.”

The assassin lunged.