Time to Sink or Swim!

…or maybe that should have been It’s Time to Change Directions. Again! For the third time…or is it the sixth time…

Anyhoo, so the title probably doesn’t make sense but hopefully by the end of this post it will. You see I’ve been giving my blog and website a lot of thought recently.

I’ve been wondering: Should I keep blogging? Should I call it quits? Should I make the blog a news feed? Should I make it more interesting then a news feed because isn’t that what a newsletter is for? This has been my struggle for 7 years and I believe only because I haven’t found a niche I’m interested in blogging about. I guess that maybe I should keep looking.

That lead to questions like: What topics would those who read this blog enjoy reading? What could I do that would be writing and book related but not be all about writing and the writing life? Because you have to admit that reading about what a writer did that day isn’t the most interesting thing in the world unless you are into that think. I might like reading those kind of blogs but only because most of my online activity is about improving my writing productivity and writing skills. This blog doesn’t cover either of those topics, I reserve those kinds of posts to this blog instead.

Which then tripped and fell into questions like: How can this blog be less about “what I’m working on” or releasing? Why I’m not writing for whatever reason? How can I use it to better promote my writing without going all sales-pitchy?  What would I enjoy writing about? Like more about the worlds I live in most of the day (my book worlds). I’d like to attract readers but not at the cost of being someone I’m not.

For someone that has written and read more than a few articles on the subject of blog and website creation, you would think that I would have a better understanding of what I should do. I know when I go to an fiction writer’s website whose book I enjoyed, I’m looking for some basic stuff:

  • What books do they have out?
  • What worlds / series are they writing?
  • A little about who are they? But not too much. 

I might find an post about the lives of authors fun on occasion, but there is such a thing as TMI (Too Much Information) and far too many people cross that line and keep walking.

I’d like to make this website fun for those of you who read it. The answer I keep coming back to on how I can make this blog fun, informative, and enjoyable for both you to read and me to write is to bring back The Gossip Papers.

For those who might remember, this was an experiment I tried back in 2012. For a few months I had a blog called The Gossip Papers where I wrote a series of posts written in a Tabloid or celebrity gossip style.

I found it a lot of fun. Others found it a lot of fun.

(If you missed it, here’s the sink or swim part.)

I wanted to give everyone a heads up. From this moment and until I decide to stop, all the posts on this website will now be written from the point of view of the newest member of my writing team, Ms. Katlynn La’Shaeri.


Katlynn La’Shaeri (© Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images)

Katlynn La’Shaeri is a cat lover with an insatiable desire for knowledge. Working as a Freelance Journalist, she has written for The Olympic Times, Post-Apocalypse Now, Among the Stars, and DemonWorld Today. She now writes for The Gossip Papers, a Mythical Tabloid and celebrity news rag for the fictional worlds of writer Stephannie Beman, where she shares juicy bits of news about the characters and occasionally she steps outside of Ms. Beman’s worlds when the characters of Stephannie Beman books do.

I hope you will all love reading Katlynn’s work as much as I do. Now it’s time for me to get back to writing The Warlord’s Daughter and for Katlynn to get to work looking for juicy details to share with y’all. Good luck!

Wishing you all the very best this January,


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