{Writing Journal} Day 29: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

I’m still working on making the outline changes I need for The Rebel’s Bride (books 2) and The Warrior’s Lady (books 3) so the books run smoothly, I don’t leave anything out, and the series ends as strong as it started. I moved much of the ending to book 2 to book 3 because The Rebel’s Bride was running way too long and would have ended in a cliffhanger if I left it as it was. I hate books that aren’t complete. I decided the best course would be to shorten the ending of The Rebel’s Bride.


As for book 3, I added the scenes I took from book 2 and those from book 4 that I wanted to use. The Warrior’s Lady didn’t have as much action as I wanted and it needed to be longer. Book 3 needs to do more than to just wrap up the series, it needed to have it’s own story. It might take me another day to figure out book 3’s outline, but at least I’m liking the books better now.

But outlining wasn’t all I did today. I added new words. Yay me!

Total Word Count for Today: 4,862


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

“Mina,” Cynel murmured behind her, the heat of his body seeping through her clothes and warming her chilled body. His hands closed around her arms, drawing her into the comfort of his arms.

Panic slammed into her, eroding the last of her self-control. She shoved his hands away. “Don’t touch me, Cyn. Not now.”

She couldn’t let him touch her and not fall apart. She couldn’t touch him and not want to seek oblivion in his arms. She needed to keep her mind clear to think and plan, to understand the full import of what had taken place in the tent today. If he touched her, she wasn’t sure she could resist him. If she gave in to her need for his comforting embrace right now, she feared she would regret anything that happened between them. At the same time, she wished she could act upon her desire to fall into his arms and let him erase the last hour of her life for a little while.