{Writing Journal} Day 28: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

I got so focused on writing yesterday that I forgot to write a post before bed last night. Bad me! I know. 😀

The book is coming along faster, I just hope it meets my word count goals for this series. I want each book to be over the 65,000 word mark. The only problem with that for The Rebel’s Bride is that just before Christmas I realized that the first part of book 2 really belonged in book 1. It really needs to be in The Scout’s Captive to make it a complete book. Now that leaves me with about 25,000 words written in The Rebel’s Bride and nearly to the half way point of the story.

Rather than writing today, I’m looking over my outline for The Rebel’s Bride, The Prince’s Prize, and The Warrior’s Lady to see if I made the same mistake with any of them, or if I can make this series a trilogy like I had it when I first planned it.

Total Word Count for Today: 4,248


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

Mina’s gaze rose to meet Peloti and she growled. It was a sound that should never have come from her throat. It was the sound of a Nyfeli woman laying claim to her mate and it sent a shiver of lust straight to Cynel’s cock. “He belongs to me!”

“If he touches you again, I’ll have him killed.”

She laughed, bitter and harsh. “I will never accept your Prince as my husband, Peloti.”

“You don’t have a choice.”

Stalking toward Peloti, she shoved him back into his chair, leaning over him, her eyes Feral red. “Everyone has a choice. Even you.” He raised his hand to strike her and found a knife at his jugular. A bead of red blood slithered down the razor sharp edge. “I was always bad at politics and diplomacy, so I’ll be very blunt. I will not marry your Prince. I will not be your pawn. If you want my help, you will ask and I will decide if I want to help.”

She pulled back and lifted the knife to her mouth, licking the blood from the blade, rolling it around her mouth. “If you threaten me or mine again. I will slit your throat and bathe in your blood. And don’t think you can hide from me, Peloti. I’ve tasted your blood. I can track you anywhere.”

Peloti’s eyes widened and he made a gurgling protest in his throat. Mina spun on her heel and stomped out the tent.

Kiptal laughed and clapped Cynel on the back. “I like her. She can go Feral and not kill someone. That’s discipline. You should probably go after her though. I’d hate to see what happens to anyone who gets in her way.”