{Writing Journal} Day 26: Writing The Rebel’s Bride & Late Nights

My sleep schedule has been very weird the last week with that snowstorm that’s come through the area. Since hubby is on-call snowplow drive, it means a 11pm wake up call. I’ve been trying to get to bed before 8pm so that I get a few hours sleep before they call and send enough adrenaline through my system that sleep is impossible. So if you are one of the lucky ones that gets an email from me with the time stamp of 12pm or 4am, know that I did get some sleep before I send it and that a 5 am nap is in the plan. 😀

Writing went better today then it has for the last few times. Mina has finally found her place in the Demonii camp adding another layer to the story plot and foreshadowing events to come. She’s also laid claim the man she loves and unknowingly endangered his life. This turning point in their relationship and the story is setting a few things in motion that will have Mina taking control of her future from those who think to use her to further their political ends. She might seem meek and innocent through book 1 and most of book 2, but people are about to meet the other side of Mina’s nature.

Total Word Count for Today: 2,136


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

Cynel sleepily curled around Mina, pulling her tighter against him, and nuzzling her neck. His lips caressed the mark between her neck and shoulder. Before long the healing properties in his saliva and blood would heal it to little more then a faint scar. She would always bear his mark on her skin, a true mating mark of the Nyfeli. His hand cupped her full breast, debating if he should let her rest some more or arouse her to another bout of lovemaking. In the end, he snuggled closer and dozed.

His awakening senses warned him that they weren’t alone in the tent. For a second he was torn between reaching for a weapon to defend Mina, or risk warning her that they weren’t alone. Slowly pulling away from her, his claws lengthened and he turned toward the intruder.

Kiptal arched a brow and grinned at him. “About time,” he whispered, lighting a lamp and glancing appreciatively at Mina.
Cynel growled, throwing the blanket over the half-covered, very naked Mina. She snuggled further under the covers and promptly went back to sleep without a sound.

Kiptal chuckled, moving closer to the bed. Cynel stood, blocking his view. Kiptal was pushing the Nyfeli to violence, but his next words stopped him cold. “Peloti and Gallen would like to see Mina. They sent soldiers to bring her to them. You can’t keep them waiting any more or there will be bloodshed.”

“Wait outside.”

“That wouldn’t be a good idea. I slipped in here before they saw me and your guards told them that we’ve been in conference all evening. If I walk out now, they’ll demand to see you and I don’t think we want them to find you two naked. It would ruin the surprise I have planned.” He turned his back to Cynel and drew his knife, cleaning his nails with the blade. “I’ll wait while you wake your lovely wife and get dressed. We need to talk before we face them.”

Cynel was tempted to throw him out the door, only it would probably cause more problems then it solved. Sighing, he returned to Mina’s side and gently shook her shoulder. She groaned, curling into a tighter ball. “Time to get up, little kitten.”

She sleepily glanced up at him with a smile, her hand reaching out to stroke his cock. “Come back to bed and I’ll think about it.”

Kiptal choked on his laugh. “Please refrain. I’d rather not see Cynel’s naked ass any more tonight.”

Mina’s eyes rounded and she sat up so fast her head almost collided with Cynel’s chin. “What is he doing here?”