{Writing Journal} Day 23: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

Another day done! I spend four Internet free hours writing this morning. I started out by layering the scene I started yesterday. Most of it was dialogue with little actions, reminding me more of a screenwriting script then a novel. So I spent some time filling in the thoughts and actions before continuing on.

It took a turn I wasn’t planning on when Cynel lost control. It might be a part that I need to edit later or move to another book, but for the moment it’s staying right where I wrote it. Another shock was when the sneaky Kiptal (Cynel’s long time friend) decided to use all the Scouts to help him with his scheme to keep Mina and Cynel together. It’s looking like there might be all out war within the Rebel camp when the War commander Peloti gets wind of Kiptal’s defiance. 😀

Total Word Count for Today: 3,472 (this doesn’t include the words I deleted because I had to rewrite some parts)
Total Book Word Count: 44,717


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

His eyes followed every sweep of the cloth over her bare flesh, making washing a sensual delight. “Are you coming out today?”

“No.” She dropped the cloth into the basin and slipped the nearly sheer shift over her head. It slithered over her skin and he imagined his hands following the same path. The cloth stuck in a few places, becoming translucent where the water touched it.

Cynel moved toward her, worried about her. She hadn’t left the tent since the day of the fight with Matrina. She refused to speak about it or anything. She barely met his eye when she did speak to him. She moved around the tent like a ghost. And it all worried him.

* * *

“I’ll be outside if you need me.”

She nodded, sitting down on the bed, hands in her lap.

Gritting his teeth, he headed for the door, and cursed his ineptness when dealing with women. He needed time to think, possibly figure out how to draw her out without doing more damage. If she was a soldier, he’d beat the melancholy out of her with a round or five in the training ring. But she wasn’t a soldier and he wasn’t sure something like that would work.

“Is she all right?” Kiptal asked the second Cynel walked out of the tent.

Cynel glanced up, smoothing the frown of annoyance from his face. He hadn’t even noticed Kiptal standing beside the tent waiting for him. A mistake like that could cost him his life. “She’s fine.”

An incredulous sound from his left drew his gaze and he realized that every scout under his command, and even a few that weren’t, sat around the fire. Every eye was focused on him, their expressions a curious mix of worry and interest.

Several questions rose to mind. How had he not heard them? It wasn’t like they were a quiet bunch. What were they all doing awake at this early hour? He couldn’t remember ever seeing them all together in the morning. And why were they all looking at him expectantly, as if he had some great message to impart?