{Writing Journal} Day 21: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

It’s been a busy, exhausting few days between getting ready for Christmas, finally getting the Christmas tree up and hopefully decorated this weekend, and this unknown illness that the doctors still haven’t figured out after 2 1/2 months. I’ve never done well with medicine, and the last one the doctor gave me did little better than the last one, so we’ll see if this new one I started this week will help and hinder me. I’m only mentioning it so you all understand why there are so many gaps between my writing days.

Total Word Count for Today: 1,125
Total Book Word Count: 39,754


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

She frowned up at him, tilting her head to the side. The stark need and absolute fear that she would deny him was clearly written on his face. What events lay in his past that her acceptance or denial had the power to crush the fragile hope she saw in his eyes? “You mean I have a choice?” she asked, giving in to the urge to tease him.

His eyes twinkled with laughter masking his moment of weakness. “Kitten, you always had the choice. You just have to say no.”

And there was the rub. No was the hardest word for her to say to him. From the first moment they’d met, she’d wanted to give in, wanted to take what he was offering, wanted to make him hers. Her lack of control around him had brought her to this moment, and she couldn’t find in her heart to be sorry.