{Writing Journal} Day 20: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

While I’m calling it day 20, it actually contains a few days worth of work. Since time was limited to an hour here and there because of a doctor appointment, visitors, kids home sick, and a really interesting dream that refused to go away until I wrote it all down, I devoted most of the time I had to writing. Figured I could update this blog when I had the chance.

Total Word Count for Today: 5,407
Total Book Word Count: 38,929


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

“It’s not smart to meet like this, Gallen. Peloti will start to suspect—”

“It doesn’t matter now. You changed the rules of the game.”

Kiptal sighed. “This isn’t a game. These are people’s lives. They deserve to be able to live them.”

“After that little display of power, do you really think that Peloti will let your pet Nyfeli live? He’s going to start throwing assassins at him. I won’t have Mina caught in the middle. She’s too important to our cause.”

“She’s already caught in the middle, Gallen. Don’t you see, Peloti wants the power she unwittingly holds. I just made sure he couldn’t remove her from Cynel’s tent. I won’t have him taking what rightfully belongs to another.”

*  *  *

She sighed, reaching for the Demonii styled dress Lilan had procured for her the other day, and paused. Movement caught her attention and she turned, expecting to find Lilan.

Cynel rose to his feet. Soft, golden light spilled into the area from the lantern on the table beside him. His eyes roved over her, darkened to a midnight blue, hunger burned in his gaze. He moved slowly toward her, his rolling gait reminding her of a giant wild cat stalking her.

Her breath caught in her throat. Her pulse leapt, beating a primal, desperate tattoo.

She licked her dry lips, wanting to say something, anything to break the tense silence. “Cynel…” She couldn’t think of anything more to say.

He towered over her, his spicy scent filling her lungs. Heat flooded through her, tingling along her limps, pooling in her belly. His hands slid over skin, curling around her bare shoulders, gently drew her to him, holding her to him for several seconds.

Her body pressed close to his, melting into him, the desire to taste him an undeniable temptation. She turned her face to his. His head bent toward her, his eyes watching her face. She wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he seemed satisfied by whatever he found.

By comparison, the kiss was chaste, a gentle seduction that weakened her knees.