{Writing Journal} Day 18: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

I wrote a lot of words today and deleted more than a few.

The main characters of The Rebel’s Bride, Mina and Cynel, and taking things in a different direction then planned, and yet they haven’t changed the events. It’s surprising how much their characters have come alive in ways that few of my characters ever have. I believe Thanatos and Lilith from Death’s Lover are the only other couple to really shocked me with the depth of their characters and backstories.

Anyhoo, today’s writing session was broken into two. One early this morning before the kids headed off to school. I wrote a surprising 2,423 new words, finishing Chapter 12  that I started yesterday and all of Chapter 13. The second session was this evening when I wrote another 1,207 words for Chapter 14. Sadly, it’s time for bed and the rest of the scene will have to wait until tomorrow. Good night, y’all!

Total Word Count for Today: 3,630
Total Book Word Count: 35,725


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

She was surprised when Zedek, wrapped in cloak, took the first bowl from her hand.

“How are you, Mina?” he asked in broken Angeloi.

“What are you doing here?”

“I missed your cooking.”

She smiled. “I only cooked you one meal. How’s your Bride?”

“Lokala isn’t happy with me right now. She seems to think all I want to do is bed her.”

Mina arched a brow, trying to place the name with the captive bride. She couldn’t. “And do you?”

Zedek grinned. “Who wouldn’t? She’s plump in all the right places, feisty and soft, with a lovely personality. And she cooks really good.”

She patted his arm. “Give her time, Zedek. She may come around.”

“Thank you, Mina.”

Lilan stood, glaring at her tormentors. “I don’t—”

“Who would want such a stupid cow?” the third woman spat. “She’s good for nothing.”

Mina’s hands curled into fists. She knew she should keep out of this battle. It wasn’t her fight. But the tears gathering in Lilan’s eyes caused the rage to build in her. Lilan was a sweet woman that didn’t deserve the cruel words of these women.

“My scouts love me,” Lilan protested, fighting back the only way she knew how. “That is more then I can say about your soldiers. They don’t even care about you.”

The second woman shoved Lilan, and she stumbled back. Her foot slipped on the muddy bank, causing her to fall in the mud. The third woman kicked her while she was down.

Mina rose to her feet. Enough was enough. She would watch them abuse Lilan no more.

She walked toward Lilan and Kilra stepped in her way. “Stay out of this, Angeloi whore.”

Mina slapped her outstretched hand away from her. She took Lilan by the arm and helped her to her feet. “Go,” she said in Demonii.

“The pet speaks. Impressive. What else have you taught her, Lilian?”

“Stop it, Kilra!”

“Weak and stupid. They should have killed you instead of making you a Caretaker,” Kilra snarled, striking Lilan’s cheek.

Lilan fell back against Mina holding her red cheek. Mina was aware of the Scouts coming toward them. She should have let them take care of the problem. But she couldn’t let the second strike fall.

She jerked Lilan behind her, taking the hit meant for Lilan. “And you call me weak?” she told the woman in Demonii. “You’re a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.”

Kilra screamed, throwing herself at Mina. She let her come, grabbing Kilra’s arm and using her own momentum to throw her into her friend. Both women fell into the mud. The third woman attacked, hands curled into claws. Mina struck her in the stomach, knocking the wind from her lungs.

She stood over the three women, her voice loud enough for all those in the area to hear. “Strike my friend again, and I’ll hurt more than your pride. I’ll break your arms.”

“Don’t hurt her!” Lilan screamed, plastering herself against Mina’s back.

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