Reading & Light Editing of The Scout’s Captive & The Rebel’s Bride

Last week I started reading through The Scout’s Captive (Book 1) looking for the information I needed to write the next chapter of The Rebel’s Bride (Book 2). I’d already planned to remove the info dump that I had at the first of Book 1 so it was more a matter of finding what I needed to remove and adding it where it belongs. While I was at it I decided to read over what I had of The Rebel’s Bride. What I found was a few things that needed to be moved to Book 1 as foreshadowing. So it for the last two days I’ve been lightly editing both books.

This is something that I usually don’t do as it breaks the writing flow, but with some problems with my health at the end of this week, the lighter  work of layering over creating from scratch was far more beneficial to me. I should be able to get more work done of The Rebel’s Bride this next week.

Total Words Count over the last few days: 7,361
Total Book Word Count for The Scout’s Captive: 68,805
Total Book Word Count for The Rebel’s Bride: 30,093

Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimageShe entered, looking everywhere else, except him. She set the jug of fresh water on the low table in the corner. She busied herself in the corner for several seconds before lifting the chipped plates, making him wonder once again why this place was so well-stocked if she lived in the village.

As a child living on the streets, he would have loved to live in such luxury as this cave. It was well hidden from prying eyes and easily defensible. Her home in the village had to be even better than this place.

“Why are you helping me, little kitten?”

She glanced over her shoulder at him and shrugged. “My father would say my kind heart has found another wounded creature to care for.”

“And you?”

She stared at him for several seconds, her brow furrowed. “I guess it’s because you needed my help and the healer in me wants to heal you.”

Cynel snorted at the naiveté of the girl. “How do you know I won’t hurt you?”

She glided toward the fire. “Because you could have killed me the day we met.”

“Did it ever occur to you that I might have needed you then? That now that I’m healed, I don’t need you alive anymore?”

She stared down at him with large black eyes, studying him in a way that made him feel as if she could see into his soul. “Would you kill me as you did the soldiers?”

He frowned. “What?”

“When I first found you, I thought you might be a scout for them, but now I’m not so sure.”

“And why is that?”

She glanced at him and then away. He could see the struggle taking place inside her on her too expressive face, and before he could tell her to save herself and keep whatever she wanted to share with him to herself, she said, “Because Angeloi soldiers don’t work with Nyfeli.” She stared at him, unafraid, which either made her too brave for her own good or stupid. “They kill them.”


The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimageMina stared down at the encampment below them, shocked by what she was seeing. “You’re one of the Rebels,” she said, turning on Cynel and ignoring the Demonii around them. “I thought you were a raider.”

Cynel’s large hand was warm where it rested on her waist. “Sorry to disappoint you, but no, I’m not a raider seeking a bedmate.”

Mina blushed. She’d made the assumption and he’d never corrected her. “So you were Rebels seeking bedmates? Do not the Demonii have enough women for that?”

The men around her tensed, their anger plain in their faces, but Mina ignored them. She’d had enough of Cynel’s small omissions. The life of a raider was dangerous enough. The life of a Rebel was nearly as deadly as being a Nyfeli. Both had a Council sanctioned death sentence hanging over their heads.

“Yes. But there is one difference between an Angeloi woman and a Demonii woman.”

“And what is that?”

“Demonii women are more dangerous to kidnap.”

Mirth danced in his eyes, the blue darkening several degrees. For a moment she thought he might be playing another part for the men around them. The Demonii were chuckling and more relaxed. However, the tension in Cynel’s body was only increasing. He was lying to her again.

Mina’s jaw tightened. “Do not for a moment think that Angeloi women aren’t as dangerous.”