{Writing Journal} Day 11: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

I had a lot of catching up to do with other work this morning. Stuff that I couldn’t put off until later as some of it is coming due soon. Otherwise I would have pushed it back instead of my writing, as my writing time has always been more productive in the morning and evening hours rather than the bulk of the daylight hours.

Anyways, these looming deadlines meant that I had fewer hours to write than I would have liked. I’m hoping to make up my word count another day when I’m more inspired. 😀

Total Word Count for Today: 793
Total Book Word Count: 25,742


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

She glided toward him, a goddess come to life. “What if I don’t want to be saved?”

“What do we have here?” a man said from behind her.

She straightened, twisting around to face that man, drawing the armload of wood closer to her body. The sticks were a poor shield against the man leering at her.

His oily smile widened, and fear shivered down her spine. There was cruelty in him, a terrible monster that lurked at the surface, waiting for the chance to hurt another. There would be no reasoning with him.

She backed away from him. She could fight him, but all she had were sticks and a small knife, not much against a trained Hunter. She could try to outrun him, but she’d seen his type before and knew it wouldn’t save her. He was a Hunter, an orphan trained from birth to track and hunt down his prey without mercy.

Depending on his contract he was either here to kill her or return her to Council. From the sparkle in his eyes, she doubted it was the latter.

Two more Hunters slinked out of the darkness, grinning.