{Writing Journal} Day 10: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

I’m excited with the progress this book is making despite the two days I spent tweaking the order and rewriting those scenes, and the nearly 8,000 words I’ve deleted from the story, I’ve added a total of 17,479 words to the manuscript. That’s roughly 1,750 words a day. Not bad progress for me. 😀

Okay, done patting myself on the back.

This morning I realized there are some things I need to change with book 1, The Scout’s Captive, to make book 2 work. So after extensive note taking by hand, because there was no way I’m going to go back to make those changes at this point, and if I hopped on the laptop to make digital notes I would make those changes. I decided to tweak the scene I finished yesterday, tightening the end, before working on the scene between Lord Darton, Mina’s father, and Lord Bych, Mina’s betrothed. The scenes tense because the two men hate each other with good reason.

Total Word Count for Today: 2,083
Total Book Word Count: 24,949


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

Lord Bych shivered, his face twisted into a grimace of dislike. “Why do you employ such impertinent savages?”

“I raised the twins after their father died in battle and their mother was murdered. The others have found their way into my employ and I find their loyalty quite refreshing. Many of them are like brothers to my daughters. They would die and kill for them.”

Lord Bych frown, straightening in his chair. “Are you threatening me?”

Darton laughed. “Why would you think that, Lord Bych? I was merely telling you why I employ such impertinent savages.” Pulling the map out from under the books on his desk, he laid it out on the messy top. “Now to answer your other question, I have men scouring the countryside looking for my daughter and the other women who were taken.”

“I don’t care about them, I only care about the Lady Laramina.”

Darton arched a brow at the disgusting man, and smiled despite the urge to blast his nose across his face. The man was a pig and unworthy to ascend the throne of his esteemed Lord. The High King would have care, if only because by caring he inspired the men who gave him aid. “Some of those men are looking for their sisters and daughters. They are helping because it helps them.”