20 Things You Might Not Know About Stephannie

Kids don’t have school today, which translates into “I’m not going to get much written today”, so I decided to post 20 things about me that few people probably know. Kinda like the meeting-and-greet stages of dating, only without the dating, free drinks, dinner, or a movie.

  1. I love to sing but I really shouldn’t. Not even in the shower. Not ever. More often than not, I’m off key.
  2. Storytelling and writing got me in trouble with teachers a few times throughout my school years. Sadly, they started catching on that I wasn’t writing notes through their whole lecture, but taking notes in one notebook while writing a story in a second notebook.
  3. I was bald for the first 3 years of my life. When my hair finally grew, I refused to cut it and it has been long ever since, except for the one time I had to cut it. For me, short hair is really bad.
  4. The first night I stayed up late to read a book was when I was three. My grandma told me to turn off the light at 1am and go to bed. Strangely, I didn’t know how to read, I just knew the stories by heart so I could look at the pictures and tell myself the story.
  5. My idea of a good time is staying home to read a book, write, or watch a movie while doing either of the first two or one of my craft projects.
  6. When I go on vacation I hate visiting the big cities or even small cities. Since I am the navigator, I usually put us on the scenic roads and stick to small towns and the outdoors. I love forests, ghost towns, and mostly empty beaches along the Oregon and Washington coast in the US, and the coastline in British Columbia, Canada. Although, one day I will make it further East and possibly see the Atlantic Ocean.
  7. I wrote my first stories in 2nd grade. One was about a poor girl who wanted a doll, the other was about a man meeting Christ. I realized years later that the story about the man was based off of Ben-Hur. See how TV forms the young mind.
  8. Every year I read the 1st two books in Lisa Ann Norman’s Sholan Series, Turning Point and Wheel of Fortune. I sometimes read the rest of the series, but not always.
  9. Lisa Ann Norman, Anne MacCaffery, Laurall K. Hamiliton, and Alice Borchardt are among the writers who first inspired me to write my own stories. The list only increased with age.
  10. I’m not a full-time writer, I would love to be, but at the moment that isn’t an option. Maybe one day.
  11. I’m Irish-German with a hint of Viking in my blood. I love to laugh, play, drink, screw, and fight (usually in that order). Although most of my drinking these days is reserved to apple cider, although a few shots of whiskey isn’t unheard when the occasion arises.
  12. I don’t have pets. This doesn’t mean that I hate or mistreat animals, I actually love them, but I’m aware that I would make a really bad pet owner based on the fact that I might forget to feed them when writing my next book and I don’t keep them company. They seem to be very aware that I don’t want them around and plot to make me like them.
  13. Rather than pets I have a ton of wild birds who eat my vegetable/fruit scraps, a handful of barn cats to keep the rodent population at bay, a roaming watch dog to warn me when anyone comes down the road, and some cows to keep my hubby occupied with a hobby. I don’t consider them pets.
  14. I’m not much for social interaction or social media. It’s not that I’m anti-social or an extreme introvert, I just don’t know what to say. Or you could say that what I say will result in the Brennen effect. If you’ve seen Bones you’ll understand. Only I don’t sound so technical and smart. LOL
  15. I don’t do subtle. If you want something from me, don’t hint at it, ask me. Otherwise I’ll miss it and not realize that you were asking me for something. Just be aware that I have no problem saying “yes” or “no” to requests.
  16. I prefer to read romance and romantic fantasy novels, or stories with a romantic subplot, to reading most other genres. This means that most my stories will have a romantic subplot in them. You’ve been warned.
  17. I don’t like to watch romantic movies. I like fast-paced action flicks, supernatural horror, police procedural, and dark paranormal.
  18. I worried my mom in the 6th grade when I wrote a story about a girl going to her aunt’s house to live after the death of her parents. After a few obstacles, it ended with the girl finding her own grave and learning she too had died in the car accident with her parents. After that I wasn’t allowed to watch scary movies. No more The Last Unicorn or Ghost for me. Now that my age is the equivalent of an adult, I watch all the scary movies I can, which sometimes makes it hard to sleep at night.
  19. I love to cook, I preferred cooking on my wood stove to my electric range. Somehow cooking on a wood stove seemed to be a more intuitive way to cook, and I burned less food. I’m having more trouble burning food on the electric range but I’m getting back into the swing of how it works.
  20. I hate cleaning. I will find any way to get out of it that I can. It doesn’t mean my house is a mess. I just try to clean only what has to be done and leave the rest for another day.

Your turn: I love getting to know new people and would love to know more about you.  Tell me a little about yourself?

2 thoughts on “20 Things You Might Not Know About Stephannie

  1. I have always wanted to try cooking on a wood stove. Someday I will have the room for one 🙂

    Fascinating factoids about myself
    1. Water, Love it, no honestly I. LOVE. it! Yes marriage was a real possibility back in the day, but I digress. Having grown up in a desert water was so exciting and strange, the smell of wet earth the feel of raindrops on your face. These things were so rare that the most exotic place I wanted to go was somewhere with water everywhere, waterfalls, rivers lakes and an ocean or two would be nice, Ireland was it for a long time then I learned about Alaska and I could never settle the score between the two

    2. I can play a mean harp chord. Really mean. I says nasty things in your ear 🙂 I have enjoyed playing for years now

    3. I really enjoy listening to the sound of breathing. Mostly my husband and my son while they sleep so they don’t realize and also because it’s very calming. With my husband he took the place of my canyon wind every evening and I was home. With my son it started with every mom’s worst nightmare of some infantile illness stealing him away in the night. Everytime he’d breathe I knew he was still alive. It’s morphed into just a serene sound that I enjoy listening to

    4. Pluto fascinates me no end! The journey to discover it the journey the astronomical society has gone through because of it and the discoveries made sometimes in spite of it

    So I know that wasn’t 20 but how about a fun filled four? And yes I have been reading a lot of titles on mystery books recently how did you know 🙂 They make me giggle


    • Hey Heather! Long time no talk to. LOL

      Cooking on a wood stove is awesome and I’ve really missed it this month with the change in the colder weather. I use one of those small electric ranges in the summer months. I figure I burnt more food in 4 months of cooking on an electric range then I did in the last 11 years I’ve cooked on a wood cookstove (and sadly that includes the learning stage).

      I think your fun filled 4 were more interesting then my 20. 😀


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