{Writing Journal} Day 7: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

I got the unusual five hour writing marathon today. No TV. No distracting Internet. No chores. Yipee!

I would like to say that it’s because I was very disciplined author who sat down to write and wasn’t tempted to see what was recorded on the DVR, jump online to browse through the Internet, or clean something in the house. Hahaha, not even close!

The truth is that just as my laundry was finished, the power turned off and has been off until 1pm so all the things I usually do or need to do had to be placed on hold because there was no running water and electricity. I thought of reading a book from that really big TBR (To-Be Read) pile instead of working but it was dark and story outside. So I chose to write this morning. Good thing my laptop had a full charge because I nearly used it all.

After I made a few shifts in the story, like move the beginning to later and start with chapter 3, I got to write two new scenes. One of which will need some editing later since it didn’t make sense why the characters wanted it in there until nearly the end. I almost deleted. 😀

Today’s word count: 3,710


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

He was being ridiculous and Mina was tired of it.

Throwing her leg over the stallion’s head, she slid out of the saddle. Only her hold on the saddle horn kept the large beast from trampling her under his hooves when her legs gave out. The horse snorted, side-stepping, and coming to an indignant stop.

Cynel halted and turned back to look at her. His hard face, hardened even more if that was possible. “What are you doing?”

She glared at him and very careful released the saddle. “Getting off the horse, I would like to walk for a bit.”

“You could have said something. Adyn could have stomped on you.”

“I did say something,” she huffed, stomping toward him. “I told you I wanted to walk when you put me on the horse this morning. I told you again about an hour after that that I wanted off. When you ignored me for the fifth time today, I decided to get off without your help.”

She walked passed him, heading down the road.