{Writing Journal} Day 2: Snippets from The Rebel’s Bride

Today went better than expected. I decided to start by going through all my notecards for The Rebel’s Bride and type them into a new document. I didn’t get too far before I started writing scenes as they inspired me. So far I can use everything I have, I just need to move it around a bit.  😀


Behold! All four The Queen’s Rebellion books in notecard format. Plus the series arcs and color coded key card. LOL

Today’s word count: 1746


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

He reached out, his fingers unhooking the cloak. The heavy fabric drifted to the ground, leaving her dressed only in her shift.

Mina moved to cover herself. Even dirty, the flimsy shift was nearly see-through. But he didn’t move to undress her further or take advantage of her as she expected.

He reached into the pack from the horse and drew out a tunic, dropping it over her head. She almost drowned in the large size. Cynel quickly cinched in the waist with a rope. It looked like a large dress on her, coming to her knees.

“Get some rest while you have the chance, Laramina.” He lifted the cloak off the ground and handed it to her. “We’ll need to leave in a few hours.”