{Writing Journal} Day 1: introducing The Writer’s Journal & Writing The Rebel’s Bride

Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s weekend was fun. If your in the same neighborhood as me, then your good days are closing down toward Winter. If you’re not and you have a few months of good weather left, then you suck. 😀

Anyhoo, I have two things to announce.

The Writer’s Journal

The plan is to post a short update every day that I write. This post is geared toward giving you insight into my writing, keep me accountable to my readers who are waiting breathless for the next book (LOL), update you on how my current book projects are progressing, and share a snippet or two from story for the day. I might even throw in a little extra information here and there about the books if your luck. 😀

Starting a New Book Today!

It’s Monday morning and I’m started my new novel today. Actually, I’m rewriting and tweaking the 15,000 words I had already done on this story, but a lot has changed since those scenes were written six months ago. The biggest changes to the story has been the relationship between the two main characters that went from “you’re a stranger that I hate and never want to see again to let’s be friends and make this relationship work so we can survive”.

The Rebel’s Bride continues the story where the first book left off. Mina’s been kidnapped by Cynel and on her way to a fate she’s unsure of but seems better than the one she was taken from. She’s also going to learn the reason behind Cynel kidnapping her. I’m aiming for another 65,000 word book like The Scout’s Captive, but if it takes longer or shorter to tell the story I’ll be good with that too.

Today was all about tweaking the prologue, which might not even be in the book, and writing the first chapter. There will be a lot of scene tweaking over the next few days as I go over those chapters to refresh my memory.

Today’s word count: 1384.


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

“Lady Laramina?”

She finally glanced toward Cynel, uncomfortable with the double image of his glamour. It was disconcerting to look at him and see both the Nyfeli hidden beneath the Angeloi raider. It made her queasy just to look at them both.

Cynel motioned for her to partake of the roasted meat he held out to her. At least Cynel didn’t want her dead. He’d taken care of her, seen to her needs, shown her consideration, and protected her. And that was before and after he’d learned who she was. If not for him, she would be married to the odious Lord Bych Ganjol, and that was a fate worse than death.

She forced herself to meet his icy blue eyes, the only thing that was truly his under the glamour of the Angeloi raider. “Mina,” she corrected, before tearing a piece of meat from the spit. “I prefer Mina.”

Something shifted briefly through his eyes. Delight? “Not Lady Mina,” he teased.

She bit into the meat, chewing thoughtfully. “Are you a Lord?” she asked

He blinked, surprised. “No.”

She smiled, pleased that she’d caught him off guard. “Then I’m no longer a Lady.”

For better or worse, she was tied to him.