Finished The Scout’s Captive & Website Update

It’s nice to be able to write The End on The Scout’s Captive. This book took me far longer to finish then usual. Mainly because of health issues in the family and recently my own. Hopefully,  I can return to my daily writing habit soon.

Since I’m still working on getting this website back up, I decided not to start the edits on this book until I’m done writing the entire series, that way I can edit it all at once, add the foreshadowing, and not feel trapped by an event in the timeline because one of the books is already published.


Disclaimer: These snippets are unedited and might be entirely different in the final version.

Cynel’s large hands closed around her tiny waist, lifting her with an easy that always surprised her despite his obvious size and strength, and gently set her on the ground. “We can’t join the others until we know it’s safe to do so.”

His hands didn’t move for several, long minutes, and Mina tried to convince herself to not see more into the gesture then there was. Like he probably didn’t want her to fall after so long riding a horse and have to pick her up. He hadn’t shown an ounce of interest in her since that night. Not that he’d had the chance, if she was being honest.

“As long as I’m with you it won’t be safe. My father won’t stop looking for me.”

“He will. Eventually he’ll realize there is no way to save you.”

She blushed and pulled away, embarrassed by her reaction to him. “You don’t know my father.” She leaned against a nearby boulder, wondering if her wobbly legs would embarrass her and give out. “He’s stubborn and has an army at his disposal. You made a mistake when you took the Border Lord’s daughter.”

“But it was the Border Lord’s daughter that I wanted.”

~ Website Update ~

I have half of the book pages up with links to where you can buy them, the excerpts for the books, and most of the vital pages done. I hope to have the rest done before next week so people can at least find them. There is still a lot of work to go on this site, but with some client work coming up I might have to be put the rest on hold until November. Or not. 😀