My Writing Office isn’t Writer Friendly

So now that I’ve had to live with the office area in our new home for a few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a writer friendly place. It’s fine during the day with everyone at work or school, but if I want to work at night it’s easier and less distracting to work at the dinning room table.

While the ranch-style home is twice the size of our log cabin, I found there were a few problems placing my desk into the house. First, being the available wall space, and second, the furniture placement of our things and inherited items.

Where I tried to put my Writing Office

So after deciding my office desk wouldn’t work in the dinning room as hubby suggested. I thought I might place it in the master bedroom. However, I dismissed that because: 1) If I woke up early or wanted to stay up late writing, I didn’t want to disturb hubby’s sleep; 2) It’s hard to fall asleep knowing there is work waiting for me a few feet away; and 3) We have too much furniture that needs to fit into the master bedroom and I didn’t want the smushed look again.

My last options for an office were to take over one of the kids’ bedrooms or place it in the living room. I decided the bedroom was out. First, because my kids are getting old enough and diverse enough in personality that they need their own space if I’m to have any peace in the house. Second, because there is a well-made bedroom set in each room that make it impossible to add a desk in there as well. They just won’t fit.

Which left the living room.

My Living Room Writing Office

I took over the corner by the fireplace. Then rather than stick the desk facing the wall, I placed it into the room with my book shelves behind it. This leaves me facing everyone and the big window.

I really dislike the feeling of people behind me so this appeared to work for me. Also there was enough room in the long living room that this corner would have been ideal.

However, I’m stuck beside the TV.

It’s very distracting when everyone’s home. It makes me miss my little office corner in our bedroom at the cabin for this reason, and the fact that most people didn’t bother me in my writing cave even though we didn’t have a door. (Long story, most of it having to do with the only heating coming from a propane fireplace in the living room and a wood burning cook stove, and closing a door meant the bedroom was even colder then it already is. So no door.)

Man, just talking about the log cabin where hubby and I lived for the last 11 years makes me miss it. 😦

So I’m sure those who have stuck with me through this post are wondering where I’m going with this, and it’s this. I don’t like the idea of leaving the Cabin empty and while hubby and I have discussed the possibility of renting the place out, the practicability of that happening is slim. He made a suggestion I do like. Making the cabin into a guest house and a writing office.

Writing Outside the Home

I guess the Cabin could be transformed into one of those small writer sheds that seem so popular now-a-days and it would make the ten-year-old girl in my squeal with delight as she always dreamed of writing books in a cabin in the woods. She even wrote it down in her diary.

The upside to working at the Cabin is that I have no distractions. No TV. No phone (other then my cell phone and few people know that number). No Internet. No visitors. No books. Only my laptop and me.

The downside is that if I need to work at the house one day, or I get the opportunity to work late at night or early in the morning, most of my project folders are at the office.

So during meditation today I found a possible solution. Make my office as paperless as possible and bring my laptop to the cabin to write and back for all my other business. I know “duh”.

For the next week or so I’ll be heading to the cabin to see if the office idea would work.