{Working Notes 33} Changes in Work & The Scout’s Captive

Around the first of 2015, I decided to do something different with my blog in the hopes of helping my productivity and keep me accountable by tracking my days, kind of like the online work journal/blog. It’s been an off and on affair. Now that I have more time, I’m ready to return to the challenge of consistent blogging.

Working Notes, Writing Updates
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A lot has changed for me over the last week. Actually a lot has changed for me over the last month. The one that stands out to me the most is that I need to spend more time with my family, especially my children. Which means I’m once more rearranging everything in my life to focus on my priorities. It also means that I’m rethinking how and why I work.

Better Balancing Life & Work

I started writing as a hobby with the hopes that I could make it a career. Now it wasn’t because I had any problems working for someone else. I chose this path because I wanted to stay at home with my children like my mom did for us and still contribute to our income. My lovely, wonderful hubby was insistent that he liked me home so that was never an issue. Also its not really practical in our area as whatever I would make would be eaten up with childcare expenses and gas to get to work. So working from home made sense to both of us.

However, nearly 5 years after publishing my first book and 2 years after starting cover design, I’m not making enough money to make this a career. Now some of this might be because I’m not very social and potential readers don’t know about my books, another part could be that I don’t have enough time to do both jobs and spend much time promoting and still run a house and help with the ranch, and yet another part could be I don’t write in a popular genre. It could be a combination of some of those or possibly none of those. It could even be that I didn’t mention a few other possibilities.

Regardless, this week I decided to regulate writing to hobby and create a different work schedule. In the summer time and when the kids are home this means writing only in the morning hours when I get up before them. During school time this means four hours in the morning. I’ll work cover design only from September to May, leaving the summer free for the other things that I need to do. I’ll probably see a drop in income with a longer span between book releases, but then I wasn’t really making enough with writing or cover design to make it worth the time I was spending at my desk.

Lastly, after looking at my new schedule and goals I decided that since this won’t be a business but a hobby I won’t be blogging anymore. Blogging takes away from the time I would rather spend writing my next story, reading a book, crafting another item to give away, or spending time with my family. Besides I’m tired of editing what I say or blog about because a few people I know protest to my language, what I write about, or the choices I make as if it was their right to complain about how I live my life.

So other than a post when I have a book coming out, the occasional status report on what I’m working on {Working Notes Post}, I’m going to be pretty quiet. 😀

These two changes alone give me hours to spend with my kids, my hubby, possibly my grandbaby, and pursuing my other passions. I think this decision will help me feel more balanced in my life.

Still Looking for Book Editors

I’m once again looking for editors for my books. I’m once more on the hunt for good editors and proofreaders to look over my stories. Just because writing is going to be a hobby for me doesn’t mean that I don’t want a professional looking over it for me. If anyone knows of anyone and would like to share you can comment below or email me.

Note: Due the difficulties I have with beta readers in the past not reading the book I send them or returning their suggestions to me, I’ve given up asking anyone to do it for me except the one reliable one I have. If someone is interested in beta reading for me they can fill out the short form on here.

The Scout’s Captive

For the next little while I’m going to be focusing on The Queen’s Rebellion Series and getting that finished up. This series is different then my usual books. First, it isn’t a romance, although there is a romance between the two main characters. Second, it’s fantasy. And third, the main characters in the book are the same throughout the series.

The first book is The Scout’s Captive and introduces the world and the characters, so I have to be careful to make it interesting and not get bogged down in the details of setting up the world.


I’m in the process of revising some of the scenes and reorganizing the chapters. I’m also getting re-acquainted with the world of the book while I’m at it and expanding on it.

As of today I’m working on Chapter 19 and have around 10 chapters left to work through. I might need to add a scene or two. And I think there is a scene that will have to be removed and added to The Warrior’s Lady (2nd book in the series).

All in all, my main characters have met and find themselves highly attracted to one another. The events are well on their way to creating the main conflict for the series. And I’m not going to tell you any more about it. You’ll just need to read the book to find out. 😀

Good journeys to you all,

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2 thoughts on “{Working Notes 33} Changes in Work & The Scout’s Captive

  1. I think it’s really sad you have to go through and edit your blog posts so you don’t upset someone. It’s your blog. You should be able to say whatever you want on it. But…I also understand real life doesn’t always give you what you should be able to do. 😦

    You should definitely do what is best for you. Maybe in the future you can make it a career. The good thing is things can change. I don’t blame you for taking this course that you are right now, esp. given how much you have going on.


    • LOL I think it’s pathetic beyond belief and yet I’m also tried of getting attacked every time I say something that someone doesn’t like. It’s exhausting. I’m only glad it doesn’t happen here. Maybe if I enjoyed blogging it would make a difference in my decision to blog. I’d probably do it regardless of what anyone thinks, but it’s not something I really want to do, so it makes it easier to drop. Also means I get time to write which is something I would rather do anyway.

      I’ve been thinking that by taking a break from trying to make this a job, I might write more books for my backlist and focus on writing better stories.


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