The Planner & Designing my Day

Hubby’s home for the day.

He took the time off to make some headway with the haying since it’s been a struggle with the damn rain. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the rain. I love that fresh smell and the little pitter-patter hitting the roof, I even love the clap of thunder and the flashes of lightning that light up the sky. I really, really miss the sound of rain on the roof at the cabin, it was far more prominent, as is the sound of the wind that reminded me of ocean waves.

Anyhoo, Hubby being home and my kids play date friend that they met yesterday who is coming to play here today means that I’m not going to get much done on the writing front. I’ll be mostly running around, cleaning houses, and maybe even edit some more of My Lord Hades today.

But until that time, I’m working on my day planner. I didn’t have the chance yesterday and today I decided that doing the same thing I did last time isn’t going to work. So I’m making a custom 5.5×8.5 planner pages for the small binder I have. I’ll print out a few and see how it goes. 😀