{Working Notes 31} Writing, Plans for The Bookshop, & Client Work

Around the first of 2015, I decided to do something different with my blog in the hopes of helping my productivity and keep me accountable by tracking my days, kind of like the online work journal/blog. It’s been an off and on affair. Now that I have more time, I’m ready to return to the challenge of consistent blogging.

Working Notes, Writing Updates
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Woke late this morning because I ended up staying up late to finish that book I started yesterday. I should know better by now. There are very few books I can start and not finish that same day. The few I can put down are either not interesting enough to hold my attention and I finish only because I want to know the end or they are business books and I don’t want information overload so I only read a few pages at a time.

As punishment and because I really need to get further along on My Lord Hades then I am already, I’m going back to reading fiction only on weekends. Otherwise I’ll get very little done that I need to do and I’m already 6 months behind where I wanted to be this time of the year.

~ Work-in-Progress ~

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimageA few months back I spent three days sitting at the kitchen table planning out the entire The Queen’s Rebellion Series on note cards. I wrote down each scene that needed to be in the stories on a note card. Then I moved them around until the sequence of events followed a logical path to the end. By the end of those three days I found myself with 4 books.

This morning I’m focusing on finishing the rough edits for the next several chapters of The Scout’s Captive. I’m finding that most chapters need a light edit, very few have needed a heavier editing or rewrite, several scenes need to be rearranged, and there have only been two scenes that I’ve had to write from scratch.

I finished my writing/editing session with a total of 867 new words added to the 50,917 words I had to start with.

~ Client Work ~

I’m back to taking on clients for my book cover design business, although I’m starting out slow until I get everything straightened out with the houses and my writing business.

I spent the rest of the morning before lunch working on the print cover art for a client. I already finished the interior formatting and mock-up version last week, so this week is setting-up the final version. It’s can be time-consuming depending on the work involved. This cover requires that I cut and paste and blend several layers together. I should be done by the end of week if I work an hour each day on it.

~ Working on The Bookshop ~ 

Back from lunch with the kids, who decided that eating the noodles out of their chicken noodle soup with chop sticks would be “awesome!”, and cleaning up the mess that experiment caused. I will say the mess was worth it just to see them attempt to use the chopsticks. 😀

As for The Bookshop, there is extensive work that needs to be done. While I could spend a full week of mornings working on the tasks on my website list, I decided to break them down into smaller sessions.

First, because I don’t need to burn out working on this site. Been there. Done that.

Second, they aren’t vital fixes that must be done now. Most are adding the actual book links to each page and replacing the author pages to each online store. The other is to make sure each page has the needed information on them and is uniform in look so that my perfectionist, back-seat driver can relax about it.

Third, I’d rather be writing and getting books out. I’m sure you do to.

The plan is to fix one book page each day, using a Book Manger Plugin to keep everything organized and easy to update, unless a page takes too long then it might be a page every two days. Yesterday I worked on Forbidden Alliances to try the plugin out. Today, I am working on Forbidden Angel. I figure The Bookshop project should be done sometime around the first of August.

~ Time to Log off for the Day ~

Man! Today has gone by quick and I have a few hours until I need to cook dinner and Hubby comes, wish I could keep working. I feel that I’m making some headway with all that still needs to be done, but I want to do more. Too bad I need to go to the cabin.

There are some odds and ends still left there that I need to box up and put into storage. So I’ll do that this afternoon since the kids and hubby brought me several boxes from their trip to the store Monday. Once that is done I can finish cleaning the old house. Maybe tonight I can finish that chapter of My Lord Hades I was supposed to edit last night before chipping away at the boxes of stuff in the living room. It would be nice to have this room look as nice as the rest of the house.

Best of wishes to y’all!

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