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Around the first of 2015, I decided to do something different with my blog in the hopes of helping my productivity and keep me accountable by tracking my days, kind of like the online work journal/blog. It’s been an off and on affair. Now that I have more time, I’m ready to return to the challenge of consistent blogging.


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It’s been a very slow and long Monday morning, and as Mondays go this summer a little unproductive. It’s cold and wet outside so haying is on hold for the moment. Since I spent much of yesterday cleaning house because each room needs a really good cleaning, I decided to catch up on some much needed work.

~ Writing a Scene for The Scout’s Captive ~

I started the day by writing a scene in The Scout’s Captive this morning from the viewpoint of the villain. Since its been awhile since I wrote, my word count was low at a little over 500 words. I hope to have it up to at least 1,000 by the end of July, although that might be pushing it with my endless To-Do list for the houses and my businesses, as well as it being haying season.

~ Spring Cleaning my Website in 4 Steps ~

After writing for an hour, I decided to Spring Clean my website. Every year I try to pick a few things to fix with my website, and I’m a little late doing this this year, but it’s understandable after all that has been going on.

So far I’ve:

  1. Deleted inactive plugins. I had a few that I uploaded to try out, some have worked brilliantly and others not so much. I also have some plugins that do the same tasks. Today I went through them all and deleted the ones that I no longer needed.
  2. Went through my blog categories. I have this bad habit of creating categories that have a handful of posts in them. I’ve learned over the eight years I’ve been blogging that these categories can usually be merged into another.
  3. Started to purge my draft posts. I have a horrible habit of creating posts that I never finish or lose interest in about 500 words in. Monthly I try to go through these, but it’s been awhile and now I have 130 drafts waiting for me to decide if they have merit and finished, no longer work and should be deleted, or if they would be better merged with another post or 3. I’ve yet to make a dent in these drafts, but I figure this will take me a bit.
  4. Cleaned out sidebars. I do this more often as I hate cluttered sidebars. Even so I found a few things I could remove from the sidebars.

~ Fixing my Bookstore Links ~

After adding the Broken Link Checker Plugin to my website, I found that most of my book links to various eBookstores no longer work. As a quick fix, I looked up my name in each store and then linked each book to my author page.

The plan was to edit each book page individual and relink them to their proper page in the bookstores. Only I never got around to doing this.

Six months later and I was finally able to have a long span of time to enter each of the nine Online Bookstores I want to link to and copy the book links. I knew I had to do this boring task all at once or I would lose interest and move to something more interesting, like cleaning the bathroom. It took most of the afternoon just to get the links into a document.

Now I have to find the time to redo The Book Shop.

~ Reading, Cooking, & Embroidery ~

It’s nearly time for me to get dinner ready and the kids are already asking me what we’ll have. I’m thinking leftover beef, ham, or chicken with freshly fried potatoes. So I’m heading out to cook dinner and edit My Lord Hades for the redesign I’m planning for later next year.

Later I hope to start one of the books I picked up from the library, Forbidden by Jacquelyn Frank, and while we’re all watching a movie maybe finish the barn I’m embroidering on a dishtowel.

Wishing you all a great day!

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    • LOL The kids were nice enough to play instead of fighting and since we couldn’t do much because of the rain and cold, hubby had no problem letting me stay on the computer for most of the day. 😀 We’ll see what I actually get done today as he’s at work and the kids are here with me. Definitely not as much as yesterday. I’m hoping to finish some much needed work around the house and cabin today.


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