{Working Notes 29} What I’ve Been Doing

Working Notes, Writing UpdatesNo one get too excited, I’m not totally back from my time off. It’s a hit-and-miss lately on whether I’m getting any writing done, or what I want to work on at the moment. So what’s been happening lately…


Running the Ranch

It’s been business as usual at the ranch and I’ve been helping hubby with the basic running of the place. June was chasing water and cleaning ditches before branding and moved cattle to summer pasture. Then we dragged the meadow to break up the turds for fertilizer and built the dams needed to move the water where it needed to go. July has been a little slower as we’ve been watching the hay grow and getting the equipment ready for haying.



We Moved Houses

Hubby decided that we needed to move and there were several factors behind the decision, but the biggest two seemed to be:

1. He was tired of dealing with a wood cookstove for the bulk of our heating and cooking during the colder months and days. I love cooking on the woodstove but it was annoying not to know when a meal would be done. If the fire was doing shitty it could take as much as an hour longer. If it was burning hot it could be done an hour early.

2. Running water any time from around May to July is difficult because of the water table is usually high. This makes flushing the toilet scary, taking a shower catastrophic, and washing laundry nearly impossible. I usually went to grandma’s across the street to do 2-3 loads a week compared to the 7-8 I usually did.

There were some other, smaller reasons but they’d only make the list longer and I’m not interested in getting into them.

So for the last 2 months I’ve been cleaning, make repairs, and painting inbetween my normal duties as a mom and ranchhand. About 3 weeks ago hubby gave me the go ahead to started moving our things into Hubby’s grandma’s house. The bulk of it is complete now, but I still have a lot to do. Which is why I’m not totally focusing on work yet…


Book Design & Ruis Publishing Website

Ruis Publishing LogoA few months back I decided that it was time to separate my author and book design websites. Since my company name is Ruis Publishing (pronounced as the Gaelic roo-esh instead of the Spanish roo-iz), I decided to make it my service and product based website.

So I’ve been working on getting Ruis Publishing up and running in my spare time, which hasn’t been much. It’s taken two weeks to accomplish a complete redesign of my book cover design pages from this site, and while there is a bit more I need to do, it’s ready for business.

Yes, I’m returning to creating Book Cover Designs. I took down the Coming Soon Page today and posted my first article {Interior Book Design } What are the Parts of a Book’s Interior? on the website. There are more articles and book design case studies coming.


Currently Writing The Scout’s Captive

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimageThe other thing I’ve been working on in my spare time has been editing The Scout’s Captive. There are some shifts in scenes and minor changes that need to be done for story flow. I want to have this done by the end of July so I can start on The Warrior’s Lady, book 2 in The Queen’s Rebellion, in August. It’s about half-done so if nothing else goes on to disrupt my writing I should have it done by September.

I still want to get this series out in 2016, but I might have to rework the release schedule to fit the changes in my life.


Wishing you all the best this month!

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2 thoughts on “{Working Notes 29} What I’ve Been Doing

  1. Holy cow, you are so busy! I don’t know how you got that Ruis Publishing site up. (It looks great, by the way!)

    I don’t blame you for making the move into a bigger place. How you managed for so long with what you had boggles my mind. I really hope things will settle down next month when the kids are due back in school. (Or we can hope, right?)


    • LOL Thank you. I like the look of the website too. The only thing that saved me time working on it was that most of the pages were already done and just needed updated. Now I want to start work on this website and make it more book oriented. Not having a division of audiences helps. 😀

      We’re finally moved into the house, although there are a few odds and ends I have to get from the cabin. And I need to finish painting the outside of it, since it keeps raining me out. Then I have to go through all the stuff stacked up in the living room and find a place for it.

      I’m kinda torn about moving houses. On the one hand I like the bigger, brighter space. It’s less depressing then 70s style, photo-finished wood paneling. Also we aren’t all on top of each other all the time and there seems to be less fighting between the girls. However, there is more to clean with a bigger house and as you know I really hate cleaning. 🙂 On the other hand I really miss my cabin. I was comfortable there. It was cozy, if a little crowded. Also very few people seemed to know we were and hardly anyone ever stopped in.

      How is your guys move to Montana doing?


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