Going on a Prolonged Sabbatical

There is a lot happening in my personal life at the moment which is making writing difficult if not down-right impossible. Not only is this a busy time of year on the ranch, but with the passing of hubby’s grandma, I’ve not only had to take on more responsibility here at the ranch but the disruption to our lives as a result has limited my time to work on writing my next story and my motivation has been severely lacking toward business as I try to work through some other issues.

I’ve decided to take a small sabbatical from writing so that I can get my family moved into their new home and try to remember how to use an electric stove once more. I’m hoping everything will go back to normal around the end of June but I will keep you updated if that doesn’t work out.

In work related news…

The Rancher’s Wife with Ruth Ann Nordin

…is on hold. First, because my co-author had two other books that needed to be finished and sent to her publisher. Second, because Ruth is moving. And third, because neither of us is able to help edit and write The Rancher’s Wife at this time. We’re hoping to get back to it sometime around August or September.

The Rancher's Wife, Wild Hearts Series, Ruth Ann Nordin, Stephannie Beman, historical romance, western romance, historical western romance, outlaw romance, romance on a ranch

Escaping Hell Series

I thought I would turn the Escaping Hell Series over to my co-author to finish. First, because I don’t have the time to work on it. Second, she has better ideas for how it should go. However, she’s declined the offer and informed me that she’ll wait to finish it with me when we have the chance.

Forbidden_Angel_webimage Forbidden_Alliances_400X600

The Queen’s Rebellion Series

I started the process of outlining the entire The Queen’s Rebellion Series and learned that the trilogy won’t work. There is so much that has to happen for it all to make sense and not feel rushed, so I’ll be adding a fourth book to the series. However, I need to place this one on hold until I can more fully focus and work on it. Putting out a half-baked story is not appealing to me.

I will have to change the titles to book 2 and create the cover for book 3 to reflect the new order of the books: The Scout’s Captive (#1), The Warrior’s Lady (#2), The Prince’s Prize (#3), and The Rebel’s Queen (#4)

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimage The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimage The_Warriors_Lady_3_webimage

Best wishes to you all and I’ll keep you all updated. 😀