{Working Notes 28} Stories I’m Writing & Future Plans

This week has been blissfully uneventful for me, and although the hubby is still dealing with estate matters, I don’t have a hand in any of that this week. Which means I get to return to my normal, beautifully hermit like existence. Sounds so dull, but I like it and that is all that counts, right?

Our only visitors this week were my step-daughter, her husband, and their baby girl. It’s funny to think of my hubby as a new grandpa, although with the amount of gray hair he has he looks the part. The weird part for me is thinking of our two daughters (who are under the age of 10) as Aunts, except that shouldn’t be that strange as my youngest uncle was about 6 months my senior.

Anyhoo, this post isn’t about my adorable granddaughter…or is that step-granddaughter? Nah, I like “grand-baby” better. 😀 This post is merely an update about the stories I’m writing, or co-writing, and my future plans.

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Layering Forbidden Demon

Forbidden Demon is the third short story in the Escaping Hell Series that we finished today, which was a small miracle as I’m running on fumes and so far behind my schedule for things with everything going on. Thankfully we have two other short stories planned before I’ll be taking a break  to work on my books for the rest of the year and get my family settled into a new stage of our lives.

We’ll start the layering and editing part of the Forbidden Demon next week. There are some gaps in the story that needs to be filled in and we have to make it flow more nicely. I should have the cover done by next week if not sooner. We’re looking for a May release.

Finish Writing Forbidden Touch

We’re about half-way through this story and hopefully we’ll have it finished before mid-May so we can start putting the stories up for pre-orders again. We’ll finish writing this story after we get Forbidden Demon done and uploaded. I should have the cover ready in the next two weeks and this short story will be published in June.

Editing The Scout’s Captive


I was going to wait for Summer to do this and print out the document, but I’m finding that I have several hours a day to work, but much of this time takes place away from my home and computer. While I could take my laptop with me, I didn’t consider the annoyance of the size when I bought it for the better resolution, the CD/DVD drive, core processor, and much larger memory space. It’s too big and bulky to be hefting around everywhere, also very hot on the legs. As for the tablet I bought a few years ago, the screen is too small to work comfortable on, the battery life is very short, there isn’t enough computing strength to keep up with me, and has no way to connect to places like OneDrive/Google Drive/Evernote when I’m out of Wi-Fi range.

If this year goes well for money, I decided to be less stingy and buy a smaller writing laptop/tablet to take with me when I go places. Now I could do this now, and with far less trouble if I used my personal money, however, I found the best way to run my business was to only spend the money I have in the business account on things I need or want for my business, but only if I have the money to do so without stealing from the buffer amount that I’ve placed aside for the unexpected expenses. I don’t have that now so I’ll wait for the laptop and try something new with my editing this year.

Rather than print it out The Scout’s Captive and waste the paper, or correct it on the laptop like I usually do, I’ll download it to my tablet (it does have its uses) and use a legal pad to write down the corrections that are needed. I found a great article about how one author on Go Teen Writers creates an editing notebook that I liked and thought I would try with a few modifications. 😀

My Future Plans

As the future is unsure and there are changes coming to my family and I, there will be some shifting of my publishing schedule in the next few weeks to compensate for the summer months when my time is limited because the kids are home, there’s ranch work that needs to be done, and some time-consuming chores. I’ll keep you posted on the changes as I figure some of them out.

Another change that you will be seeing slowly crop up are the cover art re-brand for some of my book series and two new additions to my editing team who will be going over earlier books for editing and proofreading issues.

Also there are some changes I want to make around my website. First, because I want to make this site more user-friendly. Second, I’d like to make it easier to maintain. And third, I don’t like the look very well.

Then there will be the slow re-emergence of my book design business as the reasons for letting it go are no longer an issue. However, there will be changes made to how I operate it. And that is all for now. 😀

Best of Wishes to y’all,

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2 thoughts on “{Working Notes 28} Stories I’m Writing & Future Plans

  1. You seem to be getting a lot done, even with your limited time. 🙂 It’s neat to see you getting so many books out.

    Things on my end have been hectic. (Nothing bad, just extremely busy with non-writing things.) I don’t know what I’ll do when summer hits. Pray for school, maybe. LOL


    • LOL I don’t feel like it. My work times are scattered all over the place. A little time here and there, not enough to really get into writing before heading off to the next thing. I’m looking forward to next year (hopefully!) everything has settled down.

      Icky on the non-writing tasks. Those are the worst time sucks. 😦 I hope you get back to writing soon and we can get back to finishing The Rancher’s Wife. *hint, hint*


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