{Working Notes 27} The Ranch, Family Matter, & Book Writing

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As mentioned in previous posts, work has been here and there for the last few months making me feel a little guilty for neglecting my business. Some of this was unavoidable as there was no way I could juggle the book designing and writing and co-writing books while dealing with the ranch, the cattle, my family, hubby’s slew of cats, housework, and the family issue I keep mentioning.

I knew something had to give in December as things were progressively getting worse. It’s the reason I gave up book design in January. I couldn’t work to other people’s deadlines, let alone my own, and writing deadlines are a little more flexible than other people’s deadlines. I also decreased my blogging and social media efforts. I need the personal time to recharge before I burned out completely.

This month everything changed…

The Ranch Work

This is our limbo time at the Ranch because…

  1. We’re done feeding the cows for the Winter. The Spring grass is growing and they have little interest in dry hay.
  2. The calving is nearly done. We have four cows left to calve in our small herd. Possibly three as the dog dragged fresh afterbirth to the house this morning,
  3. The new bulls have been moved to a different corral to take advantage of the green grass, and we hope that the coral they were in will revive from all their fighting. I’ll still need to feed them but it’s easy in comparison.
  4. The replacement heifers for this year are now free graze on their Spring pasture. And while a little skittish, they are enjoying their freedom. Soon enough we’ll release them into the herd to acclimatize to the other cows.

Soon my weekends will be filled with yard work, fencing, ditching, and creating dams in preparation for irrigation with hubby and the girls on top of the housework.

The Family Matter I’ve Mentioned

I’m sure that the few of you who read this blog are wondering what the family issue I’ve talked about is, and been too polite to ask. One of you already knows.

I didn’t think it was my place to say anything on this matter at the time, however, this issue has come to an end but it’s not the result we were all expecting.

Off and on since November we’ve noticed a change in my hubby’s grandma, a woman who raised him and his sisters when his parents died. Since her health allowed her to remain in her home and care for her needs, we only checked on her everyday to make sure she hadn’t forgotten to eat as her memory wasn’t the best.

In March, we noticed that the spry 91-year-old woman was sleeping more and more, something she didn’t do. Since she refused to see a doctor, we asked a family friend who is also a nurse to visit her. She told us that she believed her heart was failing. Our part in her care became more intensive and we took other measures to help her.

By second week of April, we had grandma hospitalized and Hospice Care set up so that she could return to her home. She shocked us all with her passing that same night. We’re all thankful that her passing was quick and painless, that she had her final wish to die in her home as her husband did. That they are now together.

New Releases

Now life is returning to normal, sort of. There are a few things are still in limbo, but those are things that will have to wait for now.

You might be wondering what the new releases are? Well, it’s a collection of paranormal short stories co-written with Inna Don that I haven’t had the time to tell you all about with everything else happening. So here’s what we have out so far…

Forbidden Angel: #1 in the Escaping Hell Series

Forbidden_Angel_webimageAll she wanted was a night of fun and adventure, what she got was a trip to Hell…

Kia isn’t the most obedient of Angels, she’s not even among the top thousand, and the only thing keeping her from joining the ranks of the Fallen in Hell, is she’s one of Gabriel’s beloved daughters. But her father’s position as one of the Archangels won’t save her from the trouble she finds herself in when a simple trip to Earth for fun and adventure goes terrible wrong. It won’t save her from the trouble she finds herself in after following her kidnapped friend through the Gates of Hell. Or from the Incubus whose cell she stumbled into.

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Forbidden Alliances: #2 in the Escaping Hell Series

Forbidden_Alliances_WebImageHe would do anything to claim the creature most forbidden to a man like him…

Imprisoned and without hope of ever leaving Hell alive, Cayn suffers the punishments of the damned for defiance against Lord Noctio’s orders. But death would not be a blessing. Not when his mortal form would unleash the immortal soul of an incubus whose insatiable hunger for the sexual energy of Humanity would make him the ban of Earth. Not when the Angel who stumbled into his prison cell and changed his world needs his help.

Now Cayn will change the rules. He will forge forbidden alliances with friends and foes. And he will be free of the Lord of Hell once and for all.

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What I’m Working On

Because of the disruption of my schedule, I’ve had to push back some deadlines. Please be aware that I’ll be shifting my publishing schedule around a bit to meet the new deadlines.

Writing Forbidden Demon: #3 in the Escaping Hell Series

We have two more stories to write in the series and I should have the cover done soon. The release date is set for May, but I think it ill be closer to June.

ComingSoonIt’s time for Cayn to embrace the monster inside and change the rules of the game…

Cayn is an abomination that has survived millennia by being colder and more ruthless than those who seek to profit from his unique gifts by hiding what he truly is and what he’s capable of. Many believe that he is weakened by time and his sentiments for the fragile Humanity. Some see his compliance to the Lord of Hell’s demands to train the demonic host against the coming battle against the Angels as proof that he’s been broken by his imprisonment. Others think Cayn’s Angel is a vulnerability they can exploit. What they fail to see is Cayn has set the legendary monster he has contained for millennia free, and nothing will stand in the way of him protecting what is his.

Writing & Editing The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy

As I’m less tired and slowly regaining my motivation to write again, I’ll be focusing my attention on finishing this series. The books are due to be released in 2016. Book #1: The Scout’s Captive in January, Book #2: The Rebel’s Bride in February, and Book #3: The Warrior’s Lady in March. I’m hoping I don’t need to change those dates, but I’m a bit behind in my schedule.

Also, my break away from this series allowed me a chance see the flaws I set up and there are some changes that will be made to the books because of it, although nothing too drastic.

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimage The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimage The_Warriors_Lady_3_webimage

Editing & Writing The Rancher’s Wife: Wild Hearts Series, #2

My co-author Ruth Ann Nordin was kind enough to let me place this on hold while I dealt with things. Now we can get back to the editing and writing of The Rancher’s Wife: Book #2 of the Wild Hearts Series. I am looking forward to finishing this book.

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Wishing you all a great April and looking forward to sharing my stories with you,

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