{Working Notes 26} Co-Authoring, Writing, Mailing Lists

Last week was awful for anything business or writing related, and I gave up trying halfway through the week. I decided to take a mini-break to recharge my creative batteries, do some much needed reading, and to figure out my new schedule.

Due to the family issues I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had to cut back on my work hours so I can focus more of my time on my family. Then in February, I decided to put the cover design aside to focus on my writing because I would really like to follow my Publishing Schedule this year rather than create awesome covers for authors. It is, after all, why I started this journey in 1996.

Working Notes, Writing Updates

I have a few projects in the works…

Co-Authoring The Rancher’s Wife with Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth and I are once more working on The Rancher’s Wife and are happier about how it is shaping up now that we’ve had the chance to step back and take a good look at it. We’re still looking at a January 2016 release date, however, it should be ready for pre-order before then.

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Co-Writing Forbidden Alliances with Inna Don

Forbidden Alliances, the 2nd short story in the Escaping Hell Series, that I’m working on with Inna, is now done and in the process of being edited. It is scheduled for release in April 2015 and is ready for pre-order in the Amazon stores right now.


Pre-Order Forbidden Alliances at Amazon US,ย  Amazon UK,
Amazon CA,
and Amazon AU now.
We should have it up in other stores soon.

Continuing to write The Rebel’s Bride

The pace will be slower on this book then the others, but I have no plans to publish this story before February 2016. I’d also like to take my time with this series as it has a little more complex plot line. I will let everyone know when the pre-order links are up for this story.


Children of Khaos Re-Brand

While I have no intention of completely re-doing them, I’ve learned a lot in the years since publishing My Lord Hades, and plan to re-brand the covers. I’m also enlisting the help of an editor and proofreader that have proved to be better than those I’ve paid to do the job in the past. Please be aware that this process will take time as I want to continue to get new books out while revamping the old ones.

New Release Mailing Lists

I’ve finally got my New Release mailing lists set up. In the next few months I will be sending exclusive content to those who sign up.

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7 thoughts on “{Working Notes 26} Co-Authoring, Writing, Mailing Lists

  1. Hi Stephannie!! I hope that you’re doing well and enjoying your mini-break ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to tell you that I read your book “My Lord Hades” and enjoyed it very very much! I’d really love to read it again in a new edited version!
    I have a question, I read about your inspirations for it, and I was wondering, why did you decide to not include the pomegranate-seed eating in the story? (I’m just curious because I like pomegranates very much).
    Thanks for taking your time to read me. I want to make you a fan art in future (I just have some doodles of Hades and Persephone, not sure if you still would like to see them)
    ๐Ÿ™‚ greetings and hugs!


    • Hello, Conigomezara! Thanks for stopping by, I hope to talk to you more in the future.

      I wouldn’t say I’m enjoying my mini-break, but I’m dealing with what must be for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m glad to hear that you liked My Lord Hades, it’s one of my favorite myths and I hope to have the newly edited version out some time next year. As for the pomegranate-seed eating, I didn’t include it because I didn’t want it a condition of her staying in the Underworld. I wanted the decision to be hers and hers alone. There are some decisions I made for the story that haven’t been the most popular, but they either needed to be there for the story to work or taken out because it added nothing to the story. If I was to redo the book now, there are things I would change about it.

      I would love to see fan art. ๐Ÿ˜€


      • Hi again! Thank you for your answer! Is really good to know that, actually I liked the fact that some things are different from the original mythology in order to improve it (like the fact she was a queen before meeting Hades). Whenever I read the homeric hymn to demeter or the other sources, the part of Persephone eating pomegranate always seemed like Hades tricking her (I’ve read some scholars saying it was not a trick but didn’t convince me very much).
        ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll do my best to upload the fan art this week -or next- and show you!
        greetings and best wishes :)!


        • Hi! I can’t take the credit for the idea of Persephone being the Queen of the Underworld before Hades was the King. It comes from the mythology of the Etruscans which pre-dates many of the Greek and Roman myths. In those tales Persephone was the only ruler of the Underworld (related more to the goddess Hecate) and she wasn’t the daughter of Demeter, that was the goddess of Spring Kora. It was only later that the two goddesses were merged into one goddess. It’s why the names are so interchangeable in some myths.

          As for the eating of the pomegranate seeds, depending on the myth you read it’s either a trick by Hades to keep her, or more something that she does willingly. Since Hades and Persephone were the only god and goddess that appear to get along and not have a slew of lovers trailing behind them, maybe she did it willingly. It’s hard to say that he forced her to eat them or that she wasn’t aware of the consequences of doing so. But then we’ll never know. ๐Ÿ˜€

          I did use the eating of the pomegranate seeds in Death’s Lover, making it the choice of the heroine to remain in the Underworld because I did like the idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

          I’m looking forward to seeing the fan art. Best Wishes, Stephannie


          • Ohh! I didn’t know about the etruscan myth. ๐Ÿ˜€ and I’ll read Death’s Lover then!
            I made the first fan art :3 it’s uploaded here, I hope that you like it https://bythelightofshadows.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/my-lord-hades-fan-art/ It’s Persephone with her butterflies Jewel and Enchantment.
            I read that Persephone had auburn hair, but not sure if that tone is auburn or should be darker? I chose purple tones to match her amethyst crown and flowers.
            I don’t use photo references for my drawings, so I’m practicing anatomy every day to improve my poses, that’s why it’s taking me some time to finish them.
            As I said in the post, I’m working on another drawing of Persephone and Hades together <3!
            :)!! A hug!


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