Welcome to March 2015!

With some much going on the last four months, the time seems to be flying by at hyper-speed. I really wish it would slow down and give me a chance to breath, and get more work done. Not that I haven’t been busy with writing and planning my publishing schedule as well as upcoming books with some co-authors.

So here is what’s happening this month…

First story in a New Series!


The first book in the series of three. The other covers are almost done. 😀

Forbidden Angel, Forbidden Demon, and Forbidden Lovers are a collection of three short stories in the Escaping Hell Series, with the possibility of more to come. The first one will be released this month. Forbidden Demon will be out in April 2015, and Forbidden Lovers will be out in May 2015. I should have the other two covers ready soon and the pages up on this website.

Don’t know if you noticed, but unlike my previous series, there are some major differences with Escaping Hell Series. First, it’s being co-written, and while we thought of doing it under one pen name as I’m doing with R.S. Norman and Jonathan Arvidson, after debating the idea of another pen name to take care of for two months, I decided to put my name on it with Inna Don.

Second, it has two main characters throughout the stories, the hero Cayn and the Heroine Kia. And lastly, it isn’t a romance, although there is a romance in it. It’s a Erotic Urban Fantasy about the meeting between an Angel and a Demon, and how they need each other to stop the Gates of Hell from opening.

Where to Buy Forbidden Angel:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CND | Amazon AU

Back to Writing The Rancher’s Wife

The Rancher's Wife, Wild Hearts Series, Ruth Ann Nordin, Stephannie Beman, historical romance, western romance, historical western romance, outlaw romance, romance on a ranch

I promise this isn’t a joke this time. We are going to finish it and the next one in the series.

Yes, my co-author Ruth and I have finally figured out what we were doing wrong and have decided to return to this book. Basically we had a timeline and character issue. Not enough time for a romance to grow, or get them to a preacher, and stick with our no sex before marriage agreement. Now if we wanted a clean, no sex romance this would have worked, but it wouldn’t work with the series as well. And the characters were being closed mouth about the problem and chortling over the entire affair.

Anyhoo, since we are 46k into the book right now we’ll tackle this one first so that it will be out by next year. Our publisher is looking for a January 2016 release, however, it will be on pre-order before that time.

Slowly Writing The Rebel’s Bride


As I’ve mentioned before, and probably enough times to make hearing it as annoying as saying it, my personal writing output has slowed down to a crawl due to some family and personal issues. So until I can get some things figured out with my new schedule, I fear that my main focus will be on projects I’ve set up and at a much slower rate that I would like. Basically, I’ll be back to publishing one book a year on average, like before I started Book Cover Design.

This problem is why I moved the publication date of the entire The Queen’s Rebellion Series to January 2016. This way I can get all the books written, edited, and placed on pre-order before the date.

Garland of flowers

Happy St. Patrick’s!