{Working Notes 25} Pen Names, Updates, Writing as a Business

I figured it was about time I included another update of what I’m doing, or not doing as the case may be. There has been a lot of changes for me this year that has affected my growing businesses. Some I’ve touched upon, others won’t be mentioned. Needless to say they are bother personal and family issues that had made my already crazy schedule more unpredictable. This has led me to…

Working Notes, Writing Updates

#1 – Changes to this Website, yes, again

But they are mega changes. I’m still looking for a theme I like, and while most of them are free, I have looking into paid ones. I just haven’t found one that I like, or I find some issues with them. Like the last one didn’t allow people to click on links that were on the 3rd sub-page in the menu.

Most of the changes this month are to series pages. You can check out Children of Khaos Universe with its spin-off series: Children of Khaos Shorts, Demons of the Underworld, and Gods of Love.; or the Descendents of Edyn Universe with The Shaa’Madr Trilogy and The Sharli Trilogy. I’ve also added a Series & Trilogies List. I’ll be working on the book pages in March and the Story Notes Pages in April.

#2 – I’m adding a few pen names

I’ve been sitting on the fence with the pen names, going back and forth on whether I should place a new series under this pen name or put it under Stephannie. The hard part of the decision was that the pros of doing this and the cons of doing it were so evenly matched. There is also no real wrong way to do it.

I have an idea for a book series that doesn’t fit with my author brand, and my two attempts to fit it into this brand resulted in Loving Khyrsolia and Keeping Mhairi. They succeed and flop in varying degrees. I think the biggest part of this is that I tried to fit them into a mold they didn’t want to fit into.

In the end, I decided to go with a pen name for a little while. If my attempts at publishing under this pen name works over the next two years, these books will be unpublished and revived under that author brand. If the pen name fails, then those books will mostly find their way here in two years.

And before anyone asks, I’m not mentioning it here because of some people I will not name. So if you want to know what the pen name and genre is, you can contact me and ask. I will tell most people.

I’m also adding two other pen names, but those aren’t secrets and only added because the work under those names are works that will be co-written. You can check out my Co-Authors and Pen Names page to learn more about those names. And just so you know, neither of them will be romances. 😀

#3 – The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy

I’ve had a little trouble meeting the January publishing date I set for these books, and while I could probably get them out mid-year easily, I made the decision to wait to publish them until next year. Part of this is due to me wanting to create a consistent publishing schedule with a nice buffer. Nothing is more annoying as a reader then to get my hopes up over a book release and then it being months behind. I’m sure the same goes for most readers. If you want to know more you can go to my Publishing Schedule.

The_Scouts_Captive_1_webimage The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimage The_Warriors_Lady_3_webimage

#4 – The Rancher’s Wife is back in Play

My co-author, Ruth Ann Nordin, and I finally figured out why this book was so hard to write. The characters had far too much baggage and while the romance was doing all right, there was no way to get them married so they could act on their impulses because Abby is a wanted fugitive and keep with the no sex before marriage stipulation. So we talked over some ideas and there will have to be some rewriting of parts of the plot so that it fits the existing timeline and is true to the characters’ story. The release date is set for 2016, and when the publisher gives us a more certain date, I’ll let you know.

The Rancher's Wife, Wild Hearts Series, Ruth Ann Nordin, Stephannie Beman, historical romance, western romance, historical western romance, outlaw romance, romance on a ranch

#5 – His Brother’s Wife Renamed and Classified

His Brother’s Wife is now titled His Brother’s Widow. It is now a Historical Horror with a small romantic subplot. It will be a serial of novellas. It will be published under the pen name RS Norman with Ruis Publishing. I’ll let you all know more as I learn it. 😀

#6 – I’m closing my Book Cover Design Business,
sort of

What does that mean? I’m still doing cover designs, but I’m only working with authors who are serious about their business. Who can work with my schedule and are willing to pay the higher price for better quality. These are authors who are willing to contact me months in advance, be patient, and give up control of the cover design into my hands without micro-managing everything about the process. You can read about it here if you are interested.

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