{Working Notes 23} Webinar, Website, Running the Business

I decided to do something different with my blog in 2015 in the hopes of helping my productivity and keep me accountable by tracking my days, kind of like the online work journal/blog. You can find all the Working Notes entries here.

7am & Actually Working Today

I started work at my normal time this morning, although I listened to Peter Shankman, Zombie Loyalist: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans, before waking the kids up this morning to get them ready for school. I have to take a trip to town to see my tax lady about payroll so I was up early to get ready and since no one was using the WI-FI air waves in the house this morning I was able to see the webinar without difficulties. Yipee!

Anyway, I started this mornings work by finishing up the post I wrote yesterday and didn’t have scheduled because I forgot in the rush to leave yesterday to pick up the kids and hubby.

Now I have the last presentation from last night playing, Joel Comm is talking about the Path To A Bestselling Book Launch: Multiple Books and Multiple Promotions. It’s really great information and might come in handy at some time in my life, however, it’s not much help to me right now.

Modifications to my Website

During Mark Coker’s presentation of Hit the Bestseller Lists with Ebook Preorders, I was working on some modifications to this website. I have some changes I want to make, but I’m working on them slowly and starting at the back end and working my way forward rather than my usual working from the front pages back.

Also creating blog pictures and website pages made it easier to focus on the presentation while Mark Coker gave some great publishing advice that could work with or without pre-orders. It’s definitely a presentation I want to listen to again and take notes on.

Now I’m off to feed critters for the day. I’m doing it earlier then usual as I put off the heading to town to talk to my tax lady about payroll until this afternoon. I’ll be out of the office for the rest of the day as I’ll also need to stop by hubby’s work and run some errands.

Hope you all have a great day!

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