{Working Notes 22} Blogging, Blog Assessment, & Plans for the Future

After a lot of thought and tons of back and forth self-talk (and when I say tons, we aren’t talking about days or even months, but years), I decided the way I blog isn’t working for me. I hate it for three reasons: 1) I have nothing to say and when I do say something I edit it, 2) it cuts into my writing time because editing a blog post that took me 30 minutes to write takes longer to layer and edit, and 3) I have more than one focus on this website and that should carry through into this blog but doesn’t always do so.

Working Notes, Writing Updates

1) I have nothing to say
and when I say something I edit it

Let’s face it, what hasn’t already been said on the Internet? What could I possibly add to all the information that’s out there and mostly likely said better then I could? Nothing I can think of, and nothing I have the interest in writing. I’m not a non-fiction writer, never wanted to be. I have a 167 drafts right now that attest to my disinterest in being a non-fiction writer. I don’t want to blog about how to write, publish, market, design book covers, or on topics like romance, mythology, sex, the difference between men or women, the psychology of relationships, etc. I just want to write a book and share it with you.

Even if I get the occasional idea about writing, romance, and business, it’s not consistent enough to be a post, even if I posted a business article once a month. It’s usually out of my system within a few days and doesn’t return for months or years at a time. Such topics would be better pages.

As for the editing what I say, the reasons range from avoiding family problems to not knowing what face to show the world. I’m always telling my hubby that I feel like two different people some days. I think of it like a those candies with the hard shell and the gooey center. The hard shell is the mask I once wore to fit in with other people and left behind when I moved to Wyoming. The gooey inside was what slowly emerged until I became who I am now, which wouldn’t be acceptable to the life I left behind. Think Jekyll and Hyde without the murder and mayhem, same person but completely different.

So why should this matter when blogging? Well, it shouldn’t, but it does. It’s something I’m still working to fix.

2) It cuts into my writing time…

…because editing a blog post that took me 30 minutes to write takes longer to layer and edit (This post took 45 minutes to write and an hour to layer and edit). Since time is limited for me, just as it is for most of us, and I have responsibilities to others that have to be seen to on a daily bases. On a good day I have 5 hours to work on two jobs. It usually breaks down to 2 hours writing and publishing, 2 hours working on client work, and 1 hour doing business tasks like bookkeeping, emails, business paperwork, etc. I try to set aside 2 hours on Mondays to work on my blog, but let’s face reality, when confronted with blogging or writing, writing time will trump blogging every time. It’s just a fact of who I am. 😀

3) I have more than one focus on this website…

…and while that should carry through into this blog it doesn’t always do so, which probably bugs me more than you. I know professional bloggers say to split everything up into different websites but *phiff* I don’t have the time to maintain them all. A lesson I learned in 2013-2014. It took me realizing that this website really has one focus, and that’s books for me to combine it all.

You see books are a big part of my business life. From reading them, writing them, and designing them. It’s the tagline I adopted in 2014 for this website. Now if I can get my blog to focus on those without adding to my workload it would be perfect. 😀

The end part of 2014 taught me several things. Having three different post types that cover reading books, writing books, and designing books doesn’t work. Publishing 3 days a week doesn’t work. Keeping to a schedule doesn’t work if the posts are too complex, example would be business articles. What I’m Working On and Sample posts are easier to do ahead, even if it’s just the day before and schedule. Even when I schedule ahead, eventually time catches up to me and I’m back to “do I blog or write” or “do I blog or design a cover.” Writing and client work will always triumph.

My Blog Assessment

Looking back at my last posts I can see most of them are Working Notes posts, and the more popular ones have writing and business tips in them. What it tells me is that I should either stop blogging (although I think that will fall into the writing category of not something I can do) or change the direction and focus of this blog into something more productive. I’d like to make it more manageable and I have some ideas of what I could try, but only for a short time to see how it goes.

I have two consistent posts on this blog. The first one is Working Notes (started in 2007 with my first blog) and the second is Free Fiction posts (started around 2011 when I decided to blog two books). Both have evolved in one way or another since they showed up. They are the ones I’m always going back to, and I think with a little tweaking of these two post types, maybe I can create a schedule I can stick to.

My Plan for this Blog

My plan for the moment is to make this blog more useful, if not to others then to me. This will be my last ditch effort at blogging, if I don’t see improvement by mid-2015, I’ll try Plan B before I ditch the whole thing and make this an online newsletter.

So I’m going to start slow and post once a week like I’ve been doing since increasing my workload at this point would defeat the purpose and I don’t have the time to add another project right now. My starting place will be my Working Notes post as the peek into writing life with the occassional side note about other business and life things that I post on Wednesday seems to be the most popular. I want to make it a work journal where I can talk about writing, publishing, reading, cover design, client work, and the business side of who I am and maybe it will also provide helpful helpful information for others that will be posted on Monday.

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  1. “Looking back at my last posts I can see most of them are Working Notes posts, and the more popular ones have writing and business tips in them.”

    What it tells me is that the primary audience is authors. I get the same thing. Mostly, it’s authors who come to my blog. I think for the most part, readers don’t spend time on author blogs. A few do, but I don’t think most of them do. I think most hang out on Facebook and Goodreads. I’m there are other places they hang out, but I’m more familiar with those. Twitter seems to be more business-oriented. I haven’t checked out Google + enough to know what that is like. Why not just use the blog as a sounding board to get stuff off your mind? That’s what I use mine for. It’s great for that.


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