{Working Notes 20} What I’m Working On

I hope you’re having a happy new year. Last week I published my goals for 2015. I’m already working hard on some of them, while others I hope to do better on. Below are some of the books I’m working on.

Start Editing The Scout’s Captive


I finished writing this book on December 31st. And I’m glad to have this book out of my mind and onto paper because it has been haunting me for a few years. Only now I have to start the edits. I plan to have the first round done by next week.

Even though I could have had this out this month like I planned, I won’t have the other books ready and I don’t want to rush it, so I’m pushing the release date back to March 2015. I’d like to have the entire trilogy ready to publish before March so I can publish them one month after the other. If this works out like I hope then I will start doing this with all my trilogies.

Started Writing The Rebel’s Bride


As much as I love finishing books, I love it even more when I have the next one lined up and already started. Means less downtime, or in this case, no downtime. 😀

I’m about 13,000 words into this book because the last chapter of The Scout’s Captive wasn’t working, so I cut it and found that it was the perfect first chapter to The Rebel’s Bride. For the moment I’ll be writing about 1,000 words on second book in The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy a day until around the end of the month when I can increase it to 2,000 or more words a day.

The plan is to finish writing this book and start on the edits around the end of February. The projected release date is April 2015.

Restarted Writing The Rancher’s Wife

The Rancher's Wife, Wild Hearts Series, Ruth Ann Nordin, Stephannie Beman, historical romance, western romance, historical western romance, outlaw romance, romance on a ranch

My co-author and I decided to start writing the second book in the Wild Hearts Series. We had to stop last year due to stress, unyielding subplots, and the characters not cooperating. They kept changing their minds, making it very hard for us to write their story. After a long break, we discussed what we could change to make it better and now have a different plan of attack. There is no real projected release date, but I’m hoping we can have it out by June at the latest.

His Brother’s Wife Still on Hold


While we didn’t have the same difficulty with this book as we did with The Rancher’s Wife, this book is on hold until we finish the Rancher’s Wife, at which time it will go to the publisher and we can start this book.

I can’t wait, the characters in this book fell into the plot nicely. The only reason we stopped was stress in our personal and professional lives. We decided that a break was needed for the last part of 2014 and placed the story on the back burner.

By mutual agreement, we will be changing the title of the book. Too many people thought it was a romance between a man and his brother’s wife. Which it is, but without the adultery since the heroine is a widow and she marries her dead husband’s brother/hero. There is no real projected release date, but I’m hoping we can have it out some time this year or the beginning of next year at the latest.

Experimenting with Short Stories

This will be the only time I mention this here and I’m only doing so because I mentioned writing six short stories this year in my goal post. One of those is done and in the process of being published, the another is being started.

However, these stories will not be under my Stephannie Beman name. Since they are a different genre and story length, I’m adopting a pen name for these stories. This pen name is not one that I will be sharing here. Also, these stories are part of an experiment. And that is the last I will say about them. 😀

Lastly, Creating a Production Schedule
for the First Quarter of 2015

Working Notes, Writing UpdatesSounds so official, doesn’t it. LOL

It’s not as official as it sounds. It involves a monthly calender printed out for each month, four times (one for each project), and placed in a sheet protectors. Then I use dry/wet erase markers and input my projected publishing date for a book and work back through my production schedule to see when I need to finish or start a project, plus buffer time.

After reviewing last years production and what I hope to accomplish this year, I decided that changes had to be made for all aspects of my business. From the book writing to the book cover design. Since I have this tendency to skip writing for client work, I decided to start thinking of writing as I would client work.

So now each project will be approached as if it was client work like a work-for-hire/ghostwriting gig. For the moment each story will have a word count/time goal and task deadlines, i.e. “Write 1k words of The Rebel’s Bride for 1 hour a day” and “By January 9th have 18k words finished on The Rebel’s Bride manuscript”.

At the end of January, I will evaluate how well this is working and if it isn’t, I might try working on one writing project each day. For example, “Write 2,500 words on The Rebel’s Bride on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Write 2,500 words on short story of choice on Monday and Wednesday. Friday can be a free day or catch-up day.” Or figure out what isn’t working, why, and see what I can do to fix it or work more efficiently.

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