November 2014 Update

Welcome to November’s Newsletter. I’m a little late sending it out than anticipated but I really didn’t have much to say and my website been giving me grief for the last two weeks. More about that after the book news. 😀

I’m Currently Writing
The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy

To start, I last mentioned working on this book in September, you can read about it here. And much has changed in regards to titles and series name. Long story short, I took His War Bride and cut it into three books because to cover everything would make the book about 130,000 to 150,000 word behemoth. So I reworked the plot line and have something major happen in every book. Like a TV Series, but not so long, or maybe it’s longer?

Anyhoo, gave the trilogy a name, The Queen’s Rebellion, whereas it was called Prelude to the Phoenyx Cyn before. And I changed the titles yet again. Not sure why, but as much as I loved the titles they bugged me for these books. They are now: The Scout’s Captive (Book 1), The Rebel’s Bride (Book 2), and The Warrior’s Lady (Book 3). I don’t have covers for these books done yet as I’m more worried about getting them written and off to my editing team. I’m still not sure if they’ll be ready for a January release due to the holidays.

My Website or…the screaming
white screen of death

It’s no secret, at least it shouldn’t be one by now, that I love tinkering with this site. I change it this way, then that way, then more this way or that. I can never seem to leave it alone. Must be my curse.

However, this last time had little to do with me and everything to do with a software upgrade that made the blog post page disappear. Called support and they tell me it’s because my  theme is old and to update it to a sleeker, snazzier theme. 😦

I did so and the entire site disappeared into the white screen of death. Hummph! Shows what they know. Anyhoo, the site is back up with some improvements.

For the moment I’m trying out a new theme. Not as much of a fan as I was with my old theme, but at least the blog page shows up. So I’m probably going to be trying out new themes for a bit to see if I can find one that works for my writing, book design, and reading stuff, because if it’s one thing I like, it’s making my home on the web as cozy and uncluttered as possible.

Website color platte

Once I chose a theme, I have a color palette ready to implement. I took the inspiration from this lovely picture. Yeah, the colors are a little muted, but I didn’t want colors that screamed for attention and clashed with the cover designs. I just wanted more warmth, so I replaced the pale, cold pink with a warmer peach. I think it will be beautiful with both my book covers and my cover designs.

I should soon have the fonts ready. I love fonts. It makes my creative designer self wiggle with delight looking through the hundreds of choices, though my favorite heading fonts are handwriting or cursive ones.

As you might have noticed, I changed the navigation. After living with the division of my design website from my book website for a year, I realized one very annoying thing. There are posts and pages that are interchangeable between the two sites. I have things waiting in drafts because I’m not sure if I should place them in my book website or my design website. Long story short, they can go in both.

To make this easy on us, you as the reader and me as the writer/designer, I’m redoing the navigation so it will be easier to find and less of a hassle for my brain. Along with this, I’ll be revamping the content of this website for easy of use. Some pages will be combined, others have disappeared altogether.

All in all, I’m happy with the changes. Now I can get back to writing. Let me know in the comments what you think, if there are things you think I should add or that you miss. Love y’all, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!