{Story Sample} One of my Favorite Scenes from Death’s Lover

Now that I’m done writing the story and have it published, I thought it would be fun to post a series of story samples from Death’s Lover.

The Story Sample:

She wanted Than in a way she’d never wanted any man before. It was more than sexual desire. It was something she had no name for and no words to describe.

Straightening, she leaned over him, not quite touching. His eyes snapped open. His hands grabbed her, their bodies twisting. She cried out, shocked and afraid.

His eyes focused. His arms closed tightly around her. His scent filled her senses.

The world blackened a second before she’d have hit the stone floor, and she stumbled, disoriented. She blinked several times. She was standing, her hands holding his shirt tightly.

She glanced toward the bed-like furniture several feet away. She should have hit the floor. The force behind his move should have broken bone. How did they get here?

“I’m sorry,” Than whispered into her neck, his hand stroking her hair much like a man with a skittish foal, although she had a feeling it was more to reassure himself than to calm her. “I didn’t hear you. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

She frowned and pulled back to meet his eyes. “I’m not hurt. I should have known better than to wake a warrior in such a way.”

He grimaced, concern still in his eyes. “I’m not a warrior. I can’t wield a sword, at least not with any skill. Hades tried to teach me once. I was more a danger to myself than others.”

“But. . . I’ve seen the way you move, Than. You move like the best warrior, like a predator.”

He released her, moving several steps back, and she reluctantly let him go. She didn’t like the look on his face. There was such hatred and sorrow in those purple-blue eyes.

“Because I am.”

She grunted. The daemon didn’t make sense. He declared himself not a warrior one moment and changed his mind the next. “Either you are or you’re not a warrior.”

“I’m not a warrior. I’m a predator. One of the few truly dangerous ones.”

She shivered. The statement was matter-of-fact, and he was completely convinced of the truth in his words. Nothing he’d done so far could convince her that he was dangerous to her. “What are you, Than?”

“A daemon, or have you forgotten?”

A chance meeting changed the course of their lives…
Thanatos is no stranger to death. He’s seen every possible way there was to die. He’s lived with it day after day, century upon century, collecting the souls of dead mortals and taking them to the Underworld for judgment. An endless routine of tiresome duty and resounding loneliness that echoed in his heart, until she came into his life…

A second meeting will change their hearts and souls…
Saved by a stranger, Lilith never forgot the mysterious man who gave her the chance to blossom into the strong woman with a spirit of fire and a heart of ice, anymore than she can the lessons of the past. She must hide her secrets deep and never get close to anyone. Sex is merely a means to an end, and pleasure isn’t something to share with a lover, until he came back into her life…

What happens next will change the Underworld….
Lilith’s ability to see a person’s death has attracted the attention of the warlord, Adman, and seals her fate. He will do anything, kill anyone, to possess her talent. And the only one standing between him and Lilith is Death himself. Thanatos will break every ancient law, and even a few newer ones, to save her, and in the end it might cost them both their lives.

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Published © August 2014 by Stephannie Beman
Cover and Layout copyright © 2013 by Ruis Publishing
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