{Working Notes 19} Book Writing Update

Since my last writing update on the small snag my current WIP ran into, I’ve made some headway and a change to His War Bride that ended up having far-reaching consequences to the story. Starting with breaking the story into three manageable novellas.

Why did I decide this?

Well, I’m at the end of Act 1 in the story and I’m about 30,000 words into the book. I know for sure that I can take the first two chapters of the book and spread the information through the book to tighten up the story more, but that’s not going to change the fact that its really long already and there’s nothing else I can cut out. If anything, I’ll be adding another couple thousand words in the edits to foreshadow and add depth to character/story arcs.

So if Act 2 does what it usually does and becomes twice that size, then there is another 70,000 words (almost a novel all it’s own), and Act 3 would make it another 30,000. In the end I could make a 150,000+ word monster, which would work, but I’d rather not.

My only other option, if I don’t want a monster of a book or three novellas, would be to cut the series and story plots down to the basic information and the scenes to a more manageable size. Then I would have to minimize any character arcs that aren’t important to the relationship but to story. Only in doing this, the story will fill incomplete to me and I don’t think it will turn out as good as it could be. The scenes I’ve chosen to keep need to be in the story for it to make sense, although, there might come a point where I’m able to combine two scenes in one.

This is why I prefer the option of cutting the book into three parts and make each into a novella. Now, I didn’t want to just cut the book into three sections and publish them as three parts of the same book. I wanted the novellas to be a trilogy that stared the same couple. I wanted each book to have a complete three acts and their own character, story, and romance arcs. I wanted each section to answer a part of the bigger series arc.

So I spent this weekend going through my story notebook, and moving around scenes until I had a story and series goal for each novella. It was far more planning then I anticipated which is putting me a little behind schedule, but I should easily make my deadline. 😀

I now have a place to work from and should have the first novella done this month. I’m hoping to have book 2 done in October, and book 3 done in November. I want to write all three novellas before I edit them so I can be sure to get everything the way it needs to be before I publish them.

I plan to have the books published in consecutive order. I’m hoping t have The Lady Mina (Book #1) out in January, His War Bride (Book #2) out in February, and Her Lost Prince (Book #3) out in March 2015, but it will depend on my beta readers’ and editor’s schedule with the holidays. The bad part of having manuscripts ready at the end of the year is two big holidays to contend with. Next time I hope to finish much sooner and give everyone a little more of a heads up.

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