{Story Sample} The Villains of Death’s Lover

Now that I’m done writing the story and have it published, I thought it would be fun to post a series of story samples from Death’s Lover. Today I thought I’d introduce you to the villains of the book, yes there are two.

One has made a previous appearance in My Lord Hades. His name was Adman, an evil warlord. The second is Nadral, the man who owns her during his life and haunts her through his death.

The Story Sample:

She heard the raised voices before she reached the building that had been her home for the last five years.

“Don’t insult me!” Nadral shouted. “I could easily get twice as much for her!”

She reached for the latch.

“It’s all you’ll get from me,” a man growled, and the voice chilled her to her soul.

She snatched her hand back, ready to run. She needed to hide before they saw her. But already it was too late.

The door swung open, and a large man stood in the doorway, staring down at her. He hadn’t changed in five years. He was still a handsome man. His frame was fit and lean, clothed in supple leathers. His body was strong and taller than most men. Her fingers itched to release his long, sandy blond hair from its tie and run her hands through the silky length. It was his only outward show of vanity. Many of the warriors in the ranks of his army cut their hair short. But he refused after she’d once admired the color and mentioned loving longer hair on her men.

Her body warmed at the memory of long nights in his bed. Sex with Adman had been adventurous and beyond pleasant.

“Lilith?” he breathed, stepping closer to her. His brown eyes warmed, and the backs of his fingers brushed lightly against her cheek. A gesture that was both tender and possessive. “Kar’ela par’ja.

Lover of my heart.

Her heart flipped in her chest at his words and for one moment she deluded herself into thinking that he meant it. This was the man who’d come to take her from this life of slavery. She could be his again. She could be free of Nadral. All she had to do was betray everything she believed and held dear. She’d have to go with a murderer of innocent people.

“She’s mine,” Nadral snarled, grabbing her arm.

His punishing grip twisted her arm, and tears sprang to her eyes. He jerked her to his side, and she stumbled, nearly falling to her knees before regaining her feet. She dared a glance at Adman beneath her lowered eyelashes, and fear rose to swallow her whole.

His youthful face, innocent in appearance, could not hide the coldness of his soul. His look said it all. He would have her. He would destroy everything to possess her. And he would kill anyone standing between him and what he wanted.

She laid a calming hand on his arm. “Nadral, please—”

His hand struck her cheek, silencing her warning. “This is between men!” He shoved her through the doorway and she fell to her knees.

Adman, her warlord lover, the true father of her child, knew everything about her. He knew what she was capable of and what she had done to survive on the streets she’d found herself on to protect Eva. So when she didn’t retaliate for Nadral’s treatment of her by killing him, Adman’s eyes narrowed. His hand flexed at his side, reaching for the weapon that wasn’t there. Not that he needed it to take her. The villagers would not protest, and one hit would kill Nadral.

She didn’t pretend that Adman loved her; no more than he loved his horse or his sword. He loved no one besides himself. He was angry because, in his eyes, she was his property, and Nadral had marked her. While she cared nothing for Nadral or his miserable life, she knew beyond a doubt that Adman would come for her and everyone would die. It wouldn’t be the first time.

She bowed her head and let the tears fall. Her sorrow was short-lived. Nadral joined her in the house and she could feel his anger like a living breathing dragon.

“He was willing to pay a lot for you. Why?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know.” The lie stung her throat.

She didn’t know why Adman wanted her, but she could guess. She was his. She knew his secrets. He knew who she was and what she was capable of doing to survive. He knew the truth about her, and that knowledge might save the village, but it would condemn her to death.

Wrenching pain shot through her scalp as she was lifted off her knees. She scrambled to her feet, relieving most of the pressure, and met Nadral’s angry eyes. “He knows you, Lilith. He knows more about you than I do.”

A chance meeting changed the course of their lives…
Thanatos is no stranger to death. He’s seen every possible way there was to die. He’s lived with it day after day, century upon century, collecting the souls of dead mortals and taking them to the Underworld for judgment. An endless routine of tiresome duty and resounding loneliness that echoed in his heart, until she came into his life…

A second meeting will change their hearts and souls…
Saved by a stranger, Lilith never forgot the mysterious man who gave her the chance to blossom into the strong woman with a spirit of fire and a heart of ice, anymore than she can the lessons of the past. She must hide her secrets deep and never get close to anyone. Sex is merely a means to an end, and pleasure isn’t something to share with a lover, until he came back into her life…

What happens next will change the Underworld….
Lilith’s ability to see a person’s death has attracted the attention of the warlord, Adman, and seals her fate. He will do anything, kill anyone, to possess her talent. And the only one standing between him and Lilith is Death himself. Thanatos will break every ancient law, and even a few newer ones, to save her, and in the end it might cost them both their lives.

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