{Working Notes 18} Progress on His War Bride + the Cover Reveal

Whoopie! It’s time for a “What the hell is Steph working on now” post. Just what you wanted to read, right?? No? You could check out the book I’m blogging instead.

Still here? Awe-some-sauciness. Then here we go…

Now that Death’s Lover is out in ebook and soon to be in print as soon as  I can finish up the few tweaks I need to do to the interior, and most of my blog posts are scheduled for the Free Fiction: Loving the Goddess of Love and Story Samples for the next two months, I’m putting all my focus into working on the first draft of His War Bride.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, His War Bride is a prelude book to a paranormal romance series I plan to start writing in 2016, The Phoenyx Cyn. It’s also the background to the series that I decided to write out into a book rather than leave as a very large summary and collection of scenes on my computer.

His War Bride is the book I mentioned back in August and was formerly titled Mina. I’d like to thank those who helped me look for a better title.

Here’s the old cover for the book. I guess I’ll have to find something different for this cover.

This book is one I slotted into the January 2015 release to replace the other two books in my release schedule that are on hold right now.

So about mid-August, when I had the time to focus on the book and not getting Death’s Lover out, I complied the scenes, hashed out the outline, and placed everything where I thought it needed to go. I had about 15,000 words and thought it would be a novella. Ha! Less than a month later I’m at 45,000+ words and at the mid-point of the story.

I figured it will end up being a novel like most of my books instead of a novella. Maybe someday I’ll actually get to try the art form, just not with this book.

Anywhoo, I hit my first snag in this book when I tripped and fell down a plot hole. Pesky things have a tendency to crop up in the strangest places and bring everything to a screeching, grinding halt.

I didn’t want to do what I did with Death’s Lover when this happened and let it sit for a day that eventually became a month. I have a schedule with deadlines that I want to keep so I spent the last two days brainstorming, hashing out details, and mind-mapping. The only reason I didn’t skip the scene and come back to it later is that depending on how it plays out the book can go two different ways.

The outline calls for the dad to die at the hands of the bad guy, which in turns sends the heroine out to avenge him. Which would have worked except for two things: a plot twist later in the book that I’m not going to tell you about and the heroine. Her reaction to her father’s death was closer to the actions of Abby Lewis in my work-in-progress draft of the The Rancher’s Wife or Lilith in Death’s Lover, which doesn’t work for the meek Mina.

And here is the new cover for the book His War Bride.

I thought it might be better to leave the father alive and rewrote the scene. Yeah, not going to work. With the dad alive there is no way the hero and the heroine are going to have a happily ever after. Which would suck since this is a romance. So the dad has to die because his death has some far-reaching results that have to do with my heroine’s motivation in the book. If dad survives, her entire future changes.

I kinda feel like I’m trapped in an episode of Doctor Who. What can I do and not do so that the course of history isn’t changed too drastically.

My other problem is that everything changes on her wedding day to another guy, only to end up with the hero. Since I don’t like cheating heroes/heroines, I don’t want to have her married to the guy, but at the same time it would work better in the story if she did marry him first. But then I’d have to kill him off in the beginning, only I’d like to have him show up later in the book.

Ah, the dilemma. It’s enough to give me a headache now that I have to reordering some of the sequence of events in my outline for better flow and character motivation.

There were a few good things to come out of this snag though. I was able to narrow down the series arc that will be the premise for the series. I was able to tighten up the story and delete a whole convoluted part of the story that doesn’t fit anymore and would just drag the story down. I also moved one of my favorite scenes in the book that happened shortly after the father dies to the end of the book where it makes more sense. It will also have a greater impact closer to the end when everything is on the line.

I should be back on track by the end of the week, but with a kid home today, who knows. cross fingers

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