{Working Notes 17} Back to School Work Schedule & Books I’m Working On Now

It’s Back-to-School for my kids next week and I’m looking forward to it in both a happy and sad way. I love my girls, and I love having them home. They make me laugh most of the time with some strange thing they do. And I don’t want them to grow up. But as they tell me over and over again, “there’s no way to grow back down now!”

So I have to let them go back-to-school, and I will be returning to my School Time Work Schedule. This is the time of year the workaholic and writer in me is looking forward to.

I’m sure someone out there is wondering what’s the difference between the School Time Work Schedule and what I’m doing now. Well, this year was the first time I’ve implemented my ‘Summer Time Work Schedule’ and ‘School Time Work Schedule’ for my business. And…

My Summer Time Work Schedule

….started two weeks before the girls were out of school, and cuts waaaay back on my business so I can spend more time with them, reading books, and keeping them out of trouble. Being able to do this is one perks of being the boss of a side business. 😀

Yep! These are my redneck girls. They wanted to go swimming and this was their idea of a kiddie pool when theirs sprang a leak. I found them a much safer alternative.

My Summer Time Work Schedule is basically 4 hours of work, Tuesday to Friday. On those days I spend about 1 hour on writing, 1 hour on client work, 1 hour on business tasks, and 1 hour working on anything else I need to get done that day. I only work on one client projects at a time before starting the new one, and I try to stay at least one week ahead of schedule. Most of my work was done before the kids even get up in the morning, or after they go to bed at night. Some days I’m able to spend more than 4 hours working and other days less.

My School Time Work Schedule

…will start two weeks after the kids return to school in September, and will  be the 8 hours my girls are in school since I no longer need to keep an eye on them during that time. Doing this is one of the drawbacks of wanting a supplemental income to spend. 😀

And this is what going back to school means for my kids. Early mornings, long bus rides, and cold weather.

The School Time Work Schedule consists of the 8 hours, Monday to Friday. Mondays are usually my day to organize my business for the week or month, which means I write for 2 hours in the morning before I start in on planning my work, organizing future projects, cleaning my office, doing and filing paperwork, writing proposals, send invoices, do my bookkeeping, writing and scheduling blog posts, and updating my website. Tuesday to Friday I spend about 3 hours on writing, 2 hours on client work, 1 hour on platform building, 1 hour on business tasks, and the last 2 hours working on anything else I need to get done that day.

Books I’m Working on Now

With the girls in school and more hours to write, I’m going to push to finish two books before the end of the year. I want to have the first one to my editing team by October so it will be ready to publish in January, and the second one to my editing team by January so it’s ready to publish in March. Sounds ambitious of my, doesn’t it? 😀

Writing Mina (still looking for a better title)

I was thinking of naming this book Bound by Blood or Blood Mate last week, but started to think that they might be mistaken for a vampire or incest story which it’s not, and while talking to Ruth, she agreed with me. So I’m still looking for a better title if anyone has any suggestions. Ruth suggested The Bridal Pact (which I like, but I don’t think works for the book ) or Forbidden Bride (which I’m leaning toward). Mina is the book will take the place of The Rancher’s Wife and His Brother’s Wife in my publishing schedule.

Planning: Done
Now (30,000 words into the book)
First Draft Done: September 20th
Editing: October 1-31
Publish: January 2015

Planning Poseidon’s Bride

No cover yet, because I’m not done with it, even though I’ve had the pictures for about two years. Previously titled His Gorgon Bride,  I decided to rename it to something that better fit what I wanted to do with the book. I’ve a good idea what this book will be about. This is Poseidon, Medusa, and Athena’s story. And no, there will be no threesome in the books. While I might read them, I don’t write those kinds of books. 😀

Planning: September 1st – 30th
October 1 – December 1st
Editing: January 1st – 31st
Publish: March 2015