{Working Notes 15} Formatting Stages of Death’s Lover

I’m going to make this quick, and then I’m going to pop back into my cave for a stint of writing and formatting before the kids get up. First, I got Death’s Lover back from my editor and proofreader, verdict is….bumbumbum!

1. I soooo need to learn rules of commas and independent clauses. Damn! I knew I should have paid closer attention to my College English teacher when she tried to teach that stuff. Too bad I was more interested in my Creative Writing class and that novel that will never see the light of day again.

2. I have found a new proofreader that I love. Absolute love! Yes, I know she only proofread the one book, but she was so worth the money spent, and truth be told I would have spent more for the work she did.

Eek! Did I just say that?

Anyhoo, now that my generous nature is over, I’ve gone over the suggested corrections and comma usages in the book, making the necessary changes. 😀

And second, I’m now formatting Death’s Lover for eBook. I’m hoping to have that done and ready to look over by the end of today so I can start the process of uploading the book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoBo, and Smashwords.

Which means the August 15th release date is going to be made with ease. YES! *fist pump*

Okay? I think I need to pull back on the coffee this early in the morning. It’s making me weird. LOL

Now I’m returning to my writing cave, um, I mean Office to write and format Death’s Lover.