August 2014 Update

I’m not much for newsletter, mostly because I forget to post…or write them and schedule them for the 1st day of the month…but I’m going to try to be better about that and post a newsletter-like post once a month.

From Steph’s Desk (Kinda like a Newsletter, only not)

Yes, this is my office, or the Dungeon as my hubby calls it and the the Batcave as my kids have started to refer to it.

So August is finally here, the year is more than half over, and I’m wondering where the time went? Why don’t I have more done? LOL

Actually, I have a lot done, just not in one area of my business life that I really want to have things done in. Book Cover Designing really took up more time then I wanted to give it the last six months and because of that I started downsizing my schedule for Client Work to have more Book Writing time. I like the new balance and I’m hoping once school starts again that my ideal schedule will be more doable. *cross-fingers and pray*

Re-Evaluating my Business Goals & Making a Plan

I usually do this every three to six months. June was the month I usually set aside to do a business eval, but it wasn’t possible this year as I had lots of deadlines to meet. So I pushed it back to the end of July when I had more time. I like to read over my business goals to see if I’m still on track for what I want to accomplish in 2014. What I found was that in some ways I was and in other ways I wasn’t on track. That makes August my planning month for the next few months.

I have some big plans for 2015 and if I don’t get started on some of this now I’m not going to reach some of my publishing goals. So this month I’m going to schedule my tasks for the next three months and work out a better plan to meet my business goals for writing. (You can find my Publishing Schedule here and my Design Schedule here for the interested.)

Publishing Death’s Lover in August

The proofreader I sent Death’s Lover to just got back to me about the changes she suggests for the book, sounds like there are a lot in the punctuation department, one of my grammatical weaknesses.

I’ll start going through her suggestions when I get back to work on Tuesday. This weekend will be too busy with haying here on the Ranch and I doubt I’ll do much business related besides reading and possibly planning. Both are things I don’t need to do on a computer.

I figure two weeks to go through the edits and a few days to finish the print cover design for the POD copy of the book and clean up the book blurb.

It’s still looking go for a mid-August release. I’ll know more when I look over the suggestions. 😀

Writing Mina? Or Not?

I started the outlining of this book and reached about 3/4 into it the Tuesday when I started to think about where I want this book to go in relation to the series. I started with the thought that this would be a standalone novel and prelude to a series of books I want to write, however, things have cropped up in the planning stage. There is so much in this book that can be explored and I’m wondering if I should scrap the project altogether, put it on hold, or make it into a trilogy of books.

Okay, I hear the “Why would you scrap the book?!” question from here. Well, the answer is that if I explore the themes cropping up in the outline, the book will not be the 50,000 to 75,000 book that I was planning on writing. It will be much bigger. Not sure how much bigger as I would have to follow each plot thread to figure that out. It could possibly be a very long single book or a series of three books. Which leads to…

Should I put it on hold? I would do this because with my current publishing schedule I don’t have the time to work on a very long book or three and I’m starting to understand one thing about my writing method, if I’m writing a trilogy I need to write all three books before I publish a single one. And this lead to…

Should Mina be a trilogy? Do I have enough material for the two characters to fill three books? And without some pre-planning I’m not sure. Right now I’m going with no, but like I said above, I might if I follow some of those plot threads. Also I would need to figure out the Story Goal for each book, instead of only the one that I have right now.

The Rancher’s Wife is On Hold, Still

I really want to get this book out as it’s been nearly a year since The Stagecoach Bride was released, but I’m not sure what I want to do with this book and as I haven’t had the time to really think about it in depth because of everything else going on.

There are some minor, and possibly major, alterations that will be need to make this book to work out. I’m thinking that one of the biggest things lacking in the this book is a clear cut story goal and that second is that the characters are meshing properly.

When Ruth and I discussed the problem we realized that our writing styles and characters are so very different that it was making it hard for the characters to fall in love. Abby was too hardened and untrusting of people, especially the motives of men, and Thayne’s too rash and easy to fall in love. Ruth’s characters fall easily into love and have to overcome mostly external obstacles to their love while my characters have a lot of internal battling for love with minor external help.

So I’m leaving it on hold for the moment. Which means that the February 2015 release date may or may not happen. It will all depend on what Ruth and I decided to do with it.

Switching Writing times for 2 New Projects

I was going to start writing Claiming Kanra after Mina, but since I can’t decide whether I’m writing a standalone novel or a trilogy of novellas, I’m going to wait until after I write the next Children of Khaos book so that I can read through Loving Khyrsolia and plan out the next two books in the trilogy. Then I’m going to write one right after the other. I want to have The Sha’Madr Trilogy done by 2015 and focus on finishing The Sharli Trilogy in 2016.

So I was going to write Kora’s story as the next book in the Children of Khaos Series, but at the end of Death’s Lover Kora made it very clear that she’s not ready to be found. Her story is still a mystery in many ways. So instead of writing Beloved Kora, I’m going to focus on Medusa and Poseidon’s story which has probably waited long enough.

I’m going back and forth between the titles of Medusa and Poseidon’s story. There is ‘His Gorgon Bride’, ‘To Love a Gorgon’, and ‘Poseidon’s Bride’. As soon as I figure out the title I can finish the book cover that I started about two years back. 😀