{Working Notes 14} Death’s Lover, Plotting Mina, WIPs, and Blog Changes

It’s already mid-July and I have this feeling that time is slipping away and I’ve gotten nothing done. Which isn’t true, of course. I’ve accomplished more than I thought I would. I’ve also had some setbacks. Damn pesky setbacks that make me want to…

Actually I’m not sure what I want to do. I did contemplate major book carnage for a day. Too bad I’m a romance novelist and my books surround relationships, romance, and love, otherwise there would have been some major bloodshed. Maybe I should change my genre to horror. Ummm…ah, not happening. 😀


Death’s Lover is with the Proofreader

First off. I love my semi-new editing team! My First Reader and Beta Readers are awesome, and I’ve added a few more beta readers and a proofreader who comes very highly recommended to the team for Death’s Lover. If she’s as good as everyone claims, I’ll have her proofread future books and some of the older ones too.

My Proofreader let me know that she started Death’s Lover today, which is a little ahead of schedule and she’s promised to have it back to me by the first of August without a problem.

Cross fingers that there will be no problems so I can go through the corrections and have Death’s Lover into your hands by mid-August.

Back to Plotting Mina

Originally, Mina was part of a three novelettes that I decided would be better as a novel then realized it wasn’t something I was interested in writing. So I put it aside and later decided that parts of those novelettes would work for this story.

Which it did, until I noticed one, very large plot hole that couldn’t be patched and really belonged in a different story. So I tore the story apart and added only the scenes that would work with the stories premise. Bringing me from nearly 30,000 words to 19,000.

Now I have to do some story plotting, which is taking me far longer then I’d like, but is completely understandable because of some project planning with design clients and planning my editorial calendar.

His Brother’s Wife is on Hold

Due to Ruth’s schedule and desire to wait on the writing of His Brother’s Wife so she can get some other books finished, the book is on hold for the moment.

I’m kinda bummed about it, because I was really enjoying writing Thad and his father Augustus. Talk about some messed up family dynamics. 😀

I also want to see how Arabella and Thad’s relationship develop now that they’ll be moving into their own home.

Not sure exactly when Ruth will want to restart it, though it was mentioned that August or September would be a better time to work on the book. So I’m not sure it will make its January 2015 release but I’ll keep everyone updated on any changes.

Setting The Rancher’s Wife Aside for the Moment

There were some writing issues with The Rancher’s Wife  that popped up last week and until they are ironed out, I’m placing this book is on hold.

Sorry if any of you were looking forward to reading it in February. 😦

I promise that the break will make the book better in the long run. I just need to readjust some of Abby’s priorities and we need to pick out the events that are the most important to the romance, the story, and the series arcs.

Icky.  I know. There are so many technical, left brain issues that get in the way of writing.  Too bad they help make a better story.

And Lastly, Planning my Editorial Calender

Yeah, I know. It doesn’t sound at all fun. But I figured it was about time for a change.

Along with the changes that I’ve been making to my book website, my cover design business, and my main website, as well as the plans I have for my publishing schedule, I decided I wanted a blog change.

I’ve been blogging on and off for eight years now and I have yet to start a blog schedule I can stick to. Finally figured it out though, my plans are too ambitious and usually include posting most of the days of the week. Not going to happen. I’m lucky to remember to post once a week.

So I’m taking a different approach this time. While I once more made an ambitious posting schedule (can’t seem to stop myself so I didn’t try), I’m starting with only one post type at a time. In addition to my {Working Notes} posts (the only one that’s consistent) and that will now show up every other Wednesday, I’m adding {Free Fiction Friday} posts.

{Free Fiction Friday} posts will be a book that I’ll be blogging for the rest of the year. This book will either be published, so you can purchase the book if you’d like, or going to be published sometime soon, in which case the links to buy will show up at the end of the post eventually. I haven’t decided what book to do yet, although I did think of starting with one of the published ones first and doing a soon to be published book the second time around.