{Working Notes 13} Website Changes

I’ve been making some business decisions lately, on what I want to do and where I want to head with both my writing and cover design parts of my business. I finally decided to simplify a few things, which is what I thought I was doing when I combined both my design site and book site into one website last year.

It only simplified things for a time.

Creating a New Design Site

Now that I’m doing more design business this year, I found that having my book cover design website attached to this site is more complicated then it was a year ago. Something I never wanted it to do.

So yesterday I moved my entire design website to it’s own website. You can find it at https://stephanniebeman.com/design-portfolio. Hopefully this will solve one of the problems.

Renovating My Book Site & Deleting the Main Site

Another change will be my book site. I’ve been slowly renovating this part of my website and trying to make it more reader friendly. It’s almost there in some cases, other parts of it are more cumbersome and I haven’t been happy with.

Now that my book cover design stuff is on it’s new website, the main part of this website isn’t needed, so I’m deleting what can’t be combined with the Book Site. Surprisingly enough it will solve more problems than I realized. Yipee!

So by the end of the week I should have everything on these two websites fixed, deleted, or combined. I’m looking forward to the easy it will bring me.

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