What I’m Doing + Thinking of Writing a Series of Posts on my Writing Process

I figured it was about time for an update on what I’m working on and when books will be coming out. So…

Editing Death’s Lover

Death’s Lover is back from all the beta readers that are probably going to be sending it back, so I’m going through the feedback and suggested corrections. I ended up adding far more to this story then the others, about 10,000 words total. It will be going to the editor at the end of this week and is still planned for release by August 2014. When I have a more specific day I’ll let you know

Still Writing The Rancher’s Wife

Yes, Ruth and I are still writing this, or back to writing this one after a short break for her to finish up some books and me to work on Death’s Lover. Now that I have a better understanding of my Summer Schedule this helps plan when we can get together to write. It’s still a hit or miss sometimes, but then we both have children to tend. The projected publishing date is February 2015. That might change later depending what happens.

Putting His Brother’s Wife Aside for Now

Ruth and I are putting this book aside for the moment so we can focus on The Rancher’s Wife and other books we both need to get done. Ruth’s trying to clean up as many series or books that lead to other books as possible and since this book isn’t part of a series it’s not in one of the priority slots. That doesn’t mean it won’t get written though.

Moving from Planning Stage to Writing Stage of Mina

While I don’t have the whole book planned out in detail, or at least enough detail for me to work with, I did start working on Friday. Already I cut out one of the prologue scenes before I even started writing. It gave away far too much about the book’s antagonist that could have been told in much less detail. The second part of the prologue remained because it’s important to the story. Now I’m moving on to tweaking the first chapter (already written) before I get to play with all new words.

Thinking of Writing a Series of Posts on my Writing Process

I had someone ask me about my writing process and the email sent back was probably long enough for three posts or more. So I’m debating writing a series of posts on my writing process, but I’m not sure if that would interest anyone who reads this blog. So I thought I would ask you guys. Do you want to see a series of posts on my writing method?